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Exposition of property of residence of the 8th 2009 China International
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Cloth extends time: On October 16, 2009 - on October 19, 2009

Show time: On October 19, 2009 - on October 21, 2009

Remove extend time: On October 21, 2009 - on October 23, 2009

Can exhibit place: China International exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: People's Republic of China builds a department

Undertake unit: Center of stimulative center of industrialization of construction ministry residence, Chinese building culture, Beijing builds council

Assist run an unit: Canada of association of architect of Chinese of world of institute of government of property of China of association of adiabatic deadening of China of association of adornment of building of China of association of structure of metal of China of association of standardization of project of China of association of design of reconnaissance of China of association of association of bldg. of China of society of association of Chinese real estate, China building, Chinese civil engineering

What belong to an industry: Building / decorate / hardware

Be in an area: Beijing | Beijing

Can exhibit a description:


Current live the theme that rich meets relies on residential industrialization for “ , develop energy-saving province ground residence energetically, improve residential quality and quality, drive industry international communication, compose builds circular economy, resource managing, environment is friendly model harmonious society ” .


Unscramble national policy, hold industry trend.


Exhibit Canada of the ” of day of “ United States that international residence property holds during the meeting, “ ” of day of Europe of day ” , “ and activity of special subject of ” of “ Japan day, show the newest product of international residence property and skill.


Come from the latest technology of property of house of international, country and product, will offer “ in the round ” of 4 one environmental protection and the residential program that can build continuously, and in program of technology of small family residence.

International communicates platform

The corresponding period holds forum of height of international residence property, seminar of 90m2 small family design, chemical industry of countrywide residence estate makes an informal discussion, and of all kinds and professional seminar.

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