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Day of the 6th Guangzhou changes raw material and equipment exhibition
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Cloth extends time: On June 9, 2009 - on June 10, 2009

Show time: On June 11, 2009 - on June 13, 2009

Remove extend time: On June 13, 2009 - on June 13, 2009

Can exhibit place: Center of conference of international of Guangzhou white cloud

Sponsor an unit: Guangzhou country China show limited company

Undertake unit: Guangzhou country China show limited company

Assist run an unit: France association, Hong Kong day changes Puluowangsi economy of times of evening paper of wall of daily of chamber of commerce of international of Nanning of center of natural resources of technology of cosmetic of association, Hong Kong, Guangxi, Guangzhou, sheep, southern Metropolis Daily, information, civilian battalion signs up for, new

What belong to an industry: Chemical industry / the sources of energy / environmental protection

Be in an area: Guangdong province | Guangzhou city

Can exhibit a description:

[market background]

Day changes an industry is the market with very huge potential of a development, also be an industry with the most rapid development in domestic each industry. It changed makeup appearance of the person, more the aesthetic appeal that changed people and idea idea, make the world becomes colourful.

Countrywide day changes the manufacturing company of the industry to amount to more than 30000, sale amount exceeds 45 billion yuan. Full-time it is 11.2 million person from trade public figure; Day changes already aid dimensions to be a RMB 168 billion yuan, be equivalent to the 1.8 % of countrywide GTP. Among them enterprise of type of production is 3059, day turns product trade company more than 30 thousand, current in the brand amounts to 10046, product breed more than kinds 25 thousand, day changes an industry active with year of growth of 26 % at tertiary industy, top a particular year amounts to 41 % , increase the average growth rate of economy of countryman of speed far outclass. Sale of market of things of chemical industry of our country daily expense resides an Asia the 2nd, the world the 8th. 3 times of amplitude of economy of prep above countryman, the income that day changes an industry is one of 10 big good-paying industries of Chinese, make one of trades of contemporary China rising sun.

[postpone meeting brief introduction]

◆ floats for the 9 2 of core with Guangzhou the dimensions of area of Pearl River delta changes economic system, contain is worn tremendous disappear is arduous. The gross domestic product that Guangdong saves (GDP) will occupy countrywide first place high all the time for years, the breakthrough achieved two thousand one hundred and seventy billion one hundred million yuan 2 trillion yuan 2005, had surmounted Hong Kong and Singapore, as about the same as Taiwan photograph, another name for Guangdong Province, harbor, bay 3 ground add in economic gross is very considerable more.
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