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The 14th international built technology of wall of door window, act, glass and e
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Window of 2. various door: Window of door of window of door of window of door of window of window of window of plastic door window, model steel door, door of glass reinforced plastics, aluminium alloy door, colour board, metal, pure wood, inclined lucarne, other is compound door window and various metals fittings.

3. builds act wall: Wall of wall of the act that choose form, unit act wall, stone material act, leading act wall, vitreous act wall, fittings reachs treatment facilities.

4. builds glass: Include high-powered low radiation (LOW-E) glass, glass of hot reflex plated film, toughened glass, sandwich glass, hollow glass, not heat conduction glass, prevent glass of cullet, ballproof glass, crystal, reflex, U glass to wait.

5. door window machines equipment, crowded piece assemble, auxiliary reach examine equipment.

Ginseng exhibit expense:

(1) the standard exhibits (rice of 3 meters of ×3) :

8800 yuan of RMBs

25000 dollars

(2) smooth ground (hire since 36 square metre) :

880 yuan / square metre

2500 dollars / square metre

(3) the smooth ground outdoor: 480 yuan / square metre (case hire 30 square metre)

Exhibit meeting cycle: Annual

Contact means:

Connect a telephone call: 010-68311372

Mobile phone: 13911162007

Fax: 010-88082034

Address: Beijing Haidian area road of 3 lis of rivers 13

Postcode: 100037

Mail: Chenhai1688@sohu.com

Contact: Chen Hai

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