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Exhibition of metallurgical industry of international of the 15th Shanghai
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Show time: In June 2009 9-11 day

Can exhibit place: Shanghai international exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Shanghai heavy equipment makes society of metal of guild, Shanghai

Undertake unit: Shanghai Shen Shihui exhibits service limited company

What belong to an industry: Mechanical / industry / treatment

Be in an area: Shanghai

Can exhibit a description:

Metallurgical industry of “ Shanghai international exhibits ” is domain of global metallurgical industry inside long the technical trade grand meeting of negative great reputation. His traceable 1986, it is the history that holds now in Chinese churchyard most.

Long metallurgy major is exhibited, hold 14 successfully already up to now, the company that ever enlisted comes from 20 countries and area respectively. Come for years, metallurgy is exhibited receive unit of iron and steel of etc of group of Shanghai treasure steel (wait like company of imports and exports of metallurgy of association of Chinese iron and steel industry, China) main support, tian Jiyun of Vice Prime Minister of Chinese the State Council chaired opening ceremony to can be exhibited 1992, metallurgical industry of international of visible “ Shanghai extends the authority of ” .

” of exhibition of metallurgical industry of international of the 15th Shanghai is in “ the success with old classics of Shanghai all previous is held, rapid already development becomes an industry to have one of famous grand meeting of dimensions and consequence most. The fair of metallurgical industry of international of the 14th Shanghai that in May 2007 10-12 day holds, was to arrive more “ a room for action that demands ” hard. Dimensions achieves 1100 to exhibit. Attract in all come from world each district famous industry of 22 countries and region joins in. The industry that supports for a long time among them for example: The treasure steel group, group that include steel, medium iron of iron and steel of overgrown with weeds of steel group, saddle steel group, Lai, new day, on the west mark? China of Demage, start company, 3M, should amount to industry, EFD, ABB, Xi Menzi to wait a moment.

“ ” of exhibition of metallurgical industry of international of the 15th Shanghai was 2009 one of metallurgy trade grand meeting that Chinese area and Asia-Pacific area have dimensions and force most. Plant of famous facility of home's famous steely product production, commerce and service line of business and abroad will gather once more Chinese Shanghai, the steely and newest product that shows current world to precede most centrally and relevant and banner technology. Of the new technology that will be steely to 2009 year whole world industry and Chinese domain, new product, new solution big parade. Numerous industry user will be invited to attend a meeting purchase, negotiate, business affairs cooperates. The personage inside numerous course of study can be passed this second exhibit iron and steel of meeting testimony China the development of industrial change quickly. Here, cordial ground invites you to participate in current exhibit meeting. Expect move and you make an appointment to be in Shanghai of beautiful financial city —— as scheduled again!
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