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Day of the 6th Guangzhou changes 2009CDCE exhibition
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Cloth extends time: On June 9, 2009 - on June 10, 2009

Show time: On June 11, 2009 - on June 13, 2009

Remove extend time: On June 13, 2009 - on June 13, 2009

Can exhibit place: Center of conference of international of Guangzhou white cloud

Sponsor an unit: Guangzhou country China show limited company

Undertake unit: Guangzhou country China show limited company

Assist run an unit: France day of chamber of commerce of international of association, Guangxi Nanning, Hong Kong changes Puluowangsi association, discovery day of cosmetic of resource flavor essence, China changes machinery of resource net, Guangdong to combine cosmetic of association, China net China cosmetic, orientalize

What belong to an industry: Chemical industry / the sources of energy / environmental protection

Be in an area: Guangdong province | Guangzhou city

Can exhibit a description:

Enter the ground of CDCE2009

Wide market perspective

Day changes an industry, there already was 30000 more than manufacturer in home at present, 100 million yuan thousands of annual produce, sale resides an Asia the 2nd, the world the 8th, active with year of growth rate of 26% at tertiary industy, development potential is very tremendous; It is an industry with most rapid development of domestic each industry. The industry has a technology concentrated, capital is concentrated, additional be worth breed of tall, product much, change match layette Wu sex quickly to wait for a characteristic by force.

Congress organizing committee will make China meticulously the first day change exhibition to change industry infuse activator for the day that grows quickly, the enterprise that help strength moves toward market depth region, benefit is purchased at domestic and international travelling merchant and supply and demand trades bilaterally, communication collaboration. Ask you to grasp commercial opportunity, the commanding elevation of market of race to control.

The good background of CDCE

The “CDCE day that begins to hold from 2004 changes exposition ” is Chinese day turn a group essential industry distinguished gathering, exhibition is held successfully 5 years continuously, the wide attention that got social all walks of life and approbate, it is the year regular meeting that the enterprise inside the industry is in Hua Na area.

Strong advertisement is publicized

500 thousand pieces of visiting certificate are cast continuously, many 100 professional media and public media advertisement put in, advertisement of traffic thoroughfare guidepost is released, make visiting business quality and amount get assuring.
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