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Environmental protection of the 10th China International, litter and resource us
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Cloth extends time: On April 26, 2009 - on April 27, 2009

Show time: On April 28, 2009 - on April 30, 2009

Remove extend time: On April 30, 2009 - on April 30, 2009

Can exhibit place: Store of Shanghai world trade and Shanghai international exhibit a center

Sponsor an unit: International of the trade in society of Chinese environment science, Shanghai shows limited company

Undertake unit: International of the trade in Shanghai shows limited company

Assist run an unit: The United States is stationed in enterprise of Shanghai consulate general commerical department, France international to develop bureau, Israel to be stationed in China association of Wu of water of air of alliance of environment of water of embassy, United States, United States and litter government institute, England, England is concessionary and royal environment of water Wu and environmental government institute, Korea conserves association, Han Zhonghuan condition

What belong to an industry: Chemical industry / the sources of energy / environmental protection

Be in an area: Shanghai | Shanghai

Can exhibit a description:

EPTEE- - make admiral of Asian environmental protection exhibit with all one's strength

Environmental protection of “ China International, litter and resource use exhibition (EPTEE)” , be by Chinese environment science international of the trade in society, Shanghai exhibits the unit such as limited company to sponsor. Only then 1999, annual, fixed hold in Shanghai. Already became China to have force most now, the brand of environmental protection industry with the largest scale is exhibited. Accompany the rapid development of industry of Chinese environmental protection, EPTEE grows 3 years with exceeding the rate of 30% continuously. Share 689 when come from 25 countries and area 8 years (do not include to attend B2B to negotiate the enterprise of the meeting) manufacturer ginseng is exhibited, show an area 30000 square metre. Among them the United States, France, Sweden, Japan, Israel, Korea organized powerful nation to exhibit a group to attend, exhibited meeting the corresponding period to hold many 30 delibrate to communication is met and negotiate meeting. EPTEE already was included by more and more environmental protection enterprises choose every year surely exhibit meeting, also become each equipment to purchase the ideal platform of dealer choose and buy.

Environmental protection of the 10th China International, litter and resource use EPTEE2009 exhibition will on April 28, 2009 - be in Shanghai 30 days world trade store and Shanghai international exhibit a center 2 exhibit a house to hold greatly, EPTEE will greet the 10th her grand ceremony 2009, without doubt, EPTEE2009 is a when make a person expect most, sponsor square also do one's best has innovation and breakthrough on form and content, enabled new label, new Chinese name, dedicate for world guest hard a more wonderful grand meeting.
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