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Guangzhou of essence of the 6th flavor exhibits 2009FFE
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Time: June 2009 11-13 day

Place: Center of conference of international of Guangzhou white cloud

Assist run an unit: France day of chamber of commerce of international of Nanning of association, Guangxi, Hong Kong changes Puluowangsi association, discovery day of cosmetic of essence of resource, flavor, China spends essence of life of net of flavor of net of resource net, flavor, China, China oily net, east

Flutter unit: Guangzhou country China show limited company

Enter the ground of FFE2009:

Hold high-end flavor essence to exhibit, it is the hasten of general trends place that the industry grows

“ Guo Huaxiang expects essence exhibits ” is “ China annual authority of flavor essence industry exhibits ” , “2009FFE exhibits what ” already got association reachs an orgnaization related more than 30 country and area to support energetically, will invite at the appointed time numerous and abroad the ginseng that buy the home is met. In recent years, development of flavor essence industry is rapid. Authoritative expert analysis thinks: A few times consumption level is China Euramerican flavor essence is average, the spending of 1.3 billion population of Chinese is massive the market, develop prospect very beautiful, guangdong is one of throughout the country of flavor essence industry's biggest use base all the time, also be the throughout the country's biggest production and raw material supply base, continued to hold a port in Guangzhou 2009 great.

The good background of FFE

The “FFE flavor essence that begins to hold from 2004 exhibits ” is bound of Chinese flavor essence essential industry distinguished gathering, exhibition is held successfully 5 years continuously, the wide attention that got social all walks of life and approbate, it is the year regular meeting that the enterprise inside the industry is in Hua Na area.

Strong advertisement is publicized

500 thousand pieces of visiting certificate are cast continuously, many 100 professional media and public media advertisement put in, advertisement of traffic thoroughfare guidepost is released, make visiting business quality and amount get assuring.

Professional organization is engineered

National China exhibition is Hua Na the internationalization major that has dimensions and actual strength most exhibits one of orgnaizations, with professional and perfect organization the plan holds commerce meticulously to be able to be exhibited, offer for domestic and international enterprise show a product, establish brand image, extend the market, communication those who optimize company natural resources is collaboration, one-stop service. “FFE flavor essence exhibits ” to build do one's best an act in an opera for flavor essence enterprise, predicting ginseng exhibits an enterprise to will amount to more than 200. Buy the home and terminal client domestic and internationally into all trades and professions please at the same time, can reach series through exhibiting relevant activity, bend force makes China provide major of flavor essence industry to be exhibited greatly most, real active estate processes finished product from production one-stop purchase platform, hard compose builds new structure of industry of essence of our country flavor!
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