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International of the 2nd Dongguan is cast reach die-casting technology industry
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Cloth extends time: On May 11, 2009 - on May 13, 2009

Show time: On May 14, 2009 - on May 16, 2009

Remove extend time: On May 17, 2009 - on May 18, 2009

Can exhibit place: Dongguan international exhibition center

Sponsor an unit: Hong Kong die-casting and cast course of study to always be met

Undertake unit: World trade reads extensively limited company (member of Long Heng group)

Assist run an unit: Taiwan area is cast taste industry of mechanical metal of consortium of industrial a person of same business, Hong Kong to combine Hong Kong of business association of each area of association of industry of component of car of total meeting, Hong Kong, Hong Kong to eletroplate business of hardware of chamber of commerce of course of study, Hong Kong association of science and technology of mould of association of mould of society of finishing of metal of total meeting, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong is medium

What belong to an industry: Mechanical / industry / treatment

Be in an area: Guangdong province | Dongguan city

Can exhibit a description:

Dongguan international is cast reaching die-casting technology industry to exhibit is to cast reach die-casting industry internationally grand meeting, previous term or session is in what Dongguan held in May to exhibit can have die-casting and the bibcock company that cast industry, share ginseng of many 100 enterprise to exhibit, among them Hong Kong appears on the market the company has: Location of ⒗ of Α of bittern of ⒌ of disease of duty of ⒁ of Tong of ぐ of emperor of ⒁ of Dian of fish hawk of illicit of P of ⒑ of idle of  of small box of Qiao of ⒚ of  of pray of feeling of villous themeda of ⒔ of idle of fat surname of  of bits of A Chinese-style unlined garment of  of ox of  of Qiang of  of pigheaded ⒗ of  of Qiang of  of ⒘ of idle of  of ⒒ of  of pigheaded ⒘ of firm owlet  , attracted in all 6, 335 professional audiences, be judged to be the die-casting with Hua Na the most authoritative area to exhibit by the personage inside course of study. Exhibit next year increase one times, exhibit an area to be close to 10, 000m2, and the market research during be being met through exhibiting, a lot of enterprises suggest, below exhibit can continue to be held in Dongguan of — of famous city of — international manufacturing industry.

International of the 2nd Dongguan is cast, die-casting industry exhibition is one of China's large professional exhibition, exhibition volume product is revealed, commerce negotiates, technical communication, information is released for an organic whole. Be dedicated to promoting the domestic and international die-casting, technology communication that coins industrial market, show the domestic and international die-casting, newest gain that casts industrial industry, prosperous China reachs the market of the die-casting of Asia-Pacific area, form a complete set that coins industrial domain, serve for the industry.
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