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China EPower2009 equipment of electrician of electric power of the 9th China Int
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Ginseng exhibit expense:

A. (A house) mark changes exhibit: ◇ home company: RMB1280 yuan / course of study of foreign enterprise of condition of M2   ◇ : 320 yuan of U.S. dollors / M2

(A house) smooth ground exhibits: ◇ home company: RMB900 yuan / course of study of foreign enterprise of condition of M2   ◇ : 280 yuan of U.S. dollors / M2

B. (2 houses) the standard exhibits: Area of ◇ home A: RMB980 yuan / area of B of home of M2   ◇ : RMB880 yuan / M2,

(2 houses) mark changes exhibit: RMB1080 yuan / M2   (2 houses) smooth ground exhibits: RMB800 yuan / M2

C. Other exhibits meeting project detailed quote invites report to seek advice ask for.

Exhibit meeting cycle: Annual

Extend meeting scope: 13000 square metre

Contact means:

Connect a telephone call: 021-54592323 turns 365 extension

Mobile phone: 13916077356

Fax: 021-64877669

Address: Road of the Shanxi in Shanghai edifice of 2368 China vessels 10 buildings A

Postcode: 200235

Mail: Xiaxiaoxi@zhongmao.com.cn

Contact: Miss Xia Xiaoxi

Network address: Www.china-epower.com

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