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First (2009) exhibition of equipment of equipment of Taiyuan mine power
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Cloth extends time: On April 20, 2009---On April 21, 2009

Show time: On April 22, 2009---On April 24, 2009

Remove extend time: On April 24, 2009---On April 24, 2009

Can exhibit place: Chinese coal museum

Sponsor an unit: Shanxi saves coal industry association, Shanxi to save electric power guild

Undertake unit: Conference of interconnection of the coal in Beijing serves a company

Can exhibit a description:

Exhibition theme: Coal to electric power outspread electric power adds a wing for coal

Sponsor an unit: Shanxi saves coal industry association

Assist run an unit: Shanxi saves electric power guild

Undertake unit: Conference of interconnection of the coal in Beijing serves limited company

Invite demit:

Structural adjustment of Shanxi coal industry has obtained major breakthrough, catenary of coal cable industry develops quickly and swim downward outspread. To 2007 end, shanxi coal industry already built gangue to generate electricity, in coal generates electricity, gas generates electricity wait for 19 to use power plant and pithead power station integratedly, total installed capacity 1.978 million kilowatt; 14 collect generate electricity, inside the area of garden of large loop economy that the relevant industry such as cooking, chemical industry, building materials, aerification, liquefaction is an organic whole, the investment total dimensions of program layout one hundred and thirty-eight billion one hundred and fifteen million yuan 79 construction project, already built 56; During 915 ” of “ , colliery of industry of complete province coal and plan and construction of project of coal of blame of outspread industry catenary always invest more than 300 billion yuan of ……

Shanxi coal company along advance rapidly of new-style industrialized road, use a power plant integratedly from power station of of all kinds pithead and resource, the construction that leaves manufacturing system to the well on well of of all kinds colliery and move; From coal production, washing, to the development of the industry that be not coal, to electric power the demand day of equipment equipment is shown pressing.

Current exhibition invites sincerely research and development of equipment of equipment of domestic and international of all kinds power to make, management manufacturer ginseng is exhibited, exhibition is to show mine electric power the rich big platform of equipment of equipment of new and high technology.

Extend meeting site, time:

Place: Chinese coal museum (city of Taiyuan of • of Chinese • Shanxi is greeted lustre on the west ave 2)
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