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Solar energy of the 6th 2009 China International is smooth volt exhibition
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Cloth extends time: On April 11, 2009 - on April 12, 2009

Show time: On April 13, 2009 - on April 15, 2009

Remove extend time: On April 16, 2009 - on April 16, 2009

Can exhibit place: Shanghai international exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Center of solar energy of international of U.N. Industrial Development Organization

Undertake unit: Shanghai Nuo Gai Si shows concoctive limited company

What belong to an industry: Chemical industry / the sources of energy / environmental protection

Be in an area: Shanghai

Can exhibit a description:

About holding

Solar energy of the 6th China International is smooth the announcement of volt exhibition

Each solar energy is smooth volt enterprise and relevant unit:

Solar energy of international of the 6th Shanghai is smooth volt exhibition (official net: Http://www.ch-solar.com) will in April 2009 13- - 15 days are held ceremoniously in center of Shanghai international exhibition. Exhibit an area to will amount to 16000 square metre at the appointed time, our target is- - make the whole world purchase commerce platform.

Regard global solar energy as the international grand meeting with annual industry of smooth hot season, smooth hot season exhibits 2009 Shanghai international to be in the station higher starting point, face broader market, accept grimmer challenge, share more the achievement of plentiful and substantial. Annual the Shanghai April, we invite sincerely the colleagues of domain of solar energy smooth hot season, roam in the ocean of a nacarat, smooth hot season exhibits solar energy of “ Shanghai international the infinite opportunity that ” will bring you, share infinite and wonderful!

Smooth hot season exhibits solar energy of international of choice “2009 Shanghai the reason of ” :

One, the advantage of CSPE2009:

—— brand advantage:

The “ internationalization that smooth hot season of “ Shanghai international exhibited ” to hold one of follow in a continuous line, brand is changed, specialization the characteristic of ” , held to “ to lead market of equipment of technology of bend over of Chinese solar energy light and whole world famous industry strong strong dialog, the tenet of the ” of career of solar energy smooth hot season that accomplishs you, through nearly 5 years brand development expands, already was in industry of solar energy smooth hot season, win extremely high recognition and great support, become the ” of “ new navigation mark in fair of trade of person of the same trade.
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