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Solar energy of the 6th 2009 China International is smooth volt exhibition
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—— professional audience:

Use exhibition company, association, media to have powerful professional database, by professional group is in charge of technically exhibiting the audience of the meeting to register the job beforehand. The professional viewer network that register covers the whole world manufacturer of equipment of many 20000 solar energy smooth hot season and agency, one year through professional much phone is communicated with network contact, build best audience to register platform beforehand, make the client is in exhibit what need a product most is find to buy on the meeting the home and sell the home.

——“ at 6 o'clock volley ” , one-stop service:

Exhibit meeting site, association of supplier of bend over of Chinese Shanghai solar energy light exhibits business to offer a series of industry standards to serve to join; The internationalization of supplier of “ smooth hot season of high administrative levels runs height forum ” to solve an industry to develop way; Website of bend over of Chinese solar energy lightWww.solar-pv.cnRelease information of supply and demand, implementation is round-the-clock trade; " solar energy of smooth hot season " the magazine releases the information with the newest, most authoritative industry; The organization goes abroad exhibit, course of study of the state-owend enterprise in the help hits out international market, at 6 o'clock of volley all-around the solution provides one-stop service for vast enterprise.

3, your results:

The supplier of ” of bend over of solar energy light of as famous as the whole world “ is displayed with the stage art, direct palaver;

With brand-new VIP the high grade spot that buy the home negotiates, or the VIP with bring into contact with is high grade purchase business to maintain close tie;

Carry professional seminar and person of the same trade, newest trends is mixed inside knowledge industry technology; Enjoy “ to exhibit meet 3 days, the concept —— that serves annual ” offers those who have intention to purchase business list to you regularly.

Limits of item on display:

Guang Fusheng of ★ solar energy produces equipment:

1, ingot of silicon marvellous silicon produces equipment: Single crystal furnace, ingot casting furnace, crucible, hot field etc is relevant equipment;

2, silicon chip produces equipment: Cut equipment, rinsing equipment, detect equipment etc is relevant equipment;

3, batteries produces equipment: Complete set product line, corrode rinsing equipment, diffuse furnace, decrease reflection film / deposit equipment, screen printing machine, instrument and grading machine, other and relevant equipment;
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