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The 16th (Beijing) international kitchen Wei Yu, architectural pottery and estab
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Cloth extends time: On March 1, 2009 - on March 3, 2009

Show time: On March 4, 2009 - on March 7, 2009

Remove extend time: On March 7, 2009 - on March 7, 2009

Can exhibit place: New China International exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Association of adornment of building of stimulative commission of China International trade, China, China International shows central group company

Undertake unit: Building of traditional Chinese clothes of limited company of exhibition of science and technology of China harbor building, Beijing shows Beijing traditional Chinese clothes limited company, medium exhibit harbor of group north capital to show limited company

Assist run an unit: Hutch of association of adornment of building of designing institute of building of Chinese building society, China, China, traditional Chinese clothes defends project committee, China to build project head office, China to build head office of imports and exports

What belong to an industry: Building / decorate / hardware

Be in an area: Beijing | Beijing

Can exhibit a description:

“ the 15th China (Beijing) ” of exposition of establishment of international architectural pottery and kitchen, Wei Yu the 15th China (Beijing) exposition of establishment of international architectural pottery and kitchen, Wei Yu already was in center of exhibition of Beijing China International in March 2008 satisfactory respond to a curtain call. Exhibit can enable China International to exhibit central 1-10 date to exhibit a house entirely, exhibit meeting dimensions to be 65000 square metre, exhibit digit quantity to amount to 3800, build contented and hutch to defend a manufacturer to already achieved more than 1800, exhibit meeting to accumulate 35000 square metre, ginseng exhibit business to come from the 30 many countries such as Germany, Italy, France, England, United States, Denmark, Spain, polish, Finnish, Russia, Turkey, Korea, southeast Asia and Taiwan, Hong Kong and Chinese inland and area respectively, on behalf of the whole world enterprise of many 1600 of the bannerest technology domestic and international famous building materials is the same as hall reveal, assemble in (Build Decor2008 country exhibits) of the meeting that build rich. Exhibit professional audience looks around during the meeting purchase an amount to amount to 85000 person-time, abroad purchased an organization to occupy 25 % . Home looks around purchased an organization to enclothe the 22 provinces city such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Heibei, Tianjin, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shandong. No matter be to exhibit meeting dimensions and trade result, exhibit all can initiate China to build contented and hutch to defend professional subject matter to extend the new phase of the meeting. Reach top level of the history, it may be said is an exceptionally grand occasion. “ Beijing builds contented and hutch to defend exhibited ” to realize good resource to share with scope effect, offerred an all-around, depth for both sides of supply and demand of building materials trade second, complete and efficient purchase communication platform.
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