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FLOWEXPO2009 the 12nd valve conduit fluid project flow industry exhibition
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Cloth extends time: On March 23, 2009---On March 24, 2009

Show time: On March 25, 2009---On March 27, 2009

Remove extend time: On March 27, 2009---On March 27, 2009

Can exhibit place: Guangzhou gymnasium exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: The fluid is exhibited (Guangzhou) limited company

Undertake unit: The fluid is exhibited (Guangzhou) limited company

Can exhibit a description:

The professional grand meeting that FLOWEXPO is project of valve, conduit, fluid and flow industry domain, established 1997, it is the first valve of Chinese and fluid major are exhibited, held last weeks every year in Guangzhou in March, hold cycle to be one year, already held 11 up to now, more than 1200 vendor that attracted 20 many countries is joined early or late exhibit, exhibit speak or sing alternately of can professional, audience, effect with “ remarkable ” and celebrated.

Company of business of the agency that we invite world each district cordially, agent, trafficker, production, imports and exports, international trade company; And petrifaction, oil refining, chemical industry, the sources of energy, electric power, make oar, papermaking, pharmacy, food, beverage, beer, light industrial, building materials, mining, metallurgy, water supply, air feed, heat addition, environmental protection, water treatment; Industrial equipment, Electromechanical installs a project; Oil, natural gas long be defeated by cop project; Catchment of building, water supply, warm the relevant personage that opens the trade such as project of air conditioning, fire control, installation burning gas attends a meeting look around, purchase, communication.

Many 300 valve that you will visit FLOWEXPO2009 to wait for 10 many countries and area at China, United States, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, England, Holand, Canada oneself and fluid fasten all manufacturer and supplier.

Limits of item on display:

Conduit is exhibited

System of oil and industrial conduit, building conduit, municipal conduit, natural gas pipeline is exhibited

Fluid project is exhibited

The fluid such as body of the liquid of energy project, environmental protection project, municipal project, construction project, industry project, gas, pink is carried, processing, measure, exhibition of the control, equipment that store, technology, service and solution

Flow industry is exhibited

Raw material and product are liquid, gas, farinaceous normally, through mixing, detached, shape or chemical reaction makes material appreciation, the facility that undertakes with batch or successive means industry produces place to need, technology, service and solution are exhibited
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