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FLOWEXPO2009 the 12nd valve conduit fluid project flow industry exhibition
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| Ichnography | Application form | Invitation letter | The report after exhibiting |

2, ginseng extend regulation (the regulation that all ginseng extend business to must be abided by)

3, postpone meeting brief introduction

4, market analysis

5, conduct propaganda extends a plan

6, audience circumstance (audience picture and list)

7, ginseng exhibit unit list

8, the argument that choice ginseng extends

Had chosen exhibit meeting, basically should consider the factor of two respects:

It is to join exhibit a purpose, clear ginseng exhibits a purpose, choice cause client and the major that invite an audience to agree are exhibited meeting, avoid blind ginseng to exhibit.

2 it is to extend the case of the meeting, exhibit the Lv of element take an examination of the meeting:

(1) exhibits the target market of the meeting to reach professional (very important)

(2) extends the scope of the meeting

(The constituent capacity that 3) extends conference organizer (can exhibit from flutter, group, the respect such as the construction that exhibit a stage makes an on-the-spot investigation)

(4) extends the history of the meeting and influence

(5) fare state of affairs

(6) exhibits meeting site (city, exhibit a house)

Ginseng exhibit notice:

(After 1) decision ginseng is exhibited, download please " application form " , the fax after filling in comes constituent unit, and the phone informs a contact.

(2) exhibits before can kicking off 60 days to end sign up reach draft of cut of proceedings of a conferences.

(3) is all exhibit by sponsor an unit unified allocation, extend an order allocation principle: “ applies for first, pay first, arrange first, extend an arrangement greatly preferential ” , sponsor unit reservation to change exhibit final right, join after exhibiting business to pay 50% imprest inside time limit only, ginseng exhibit a qualification to just can be withheld, ginseng exhibit business to did not pay more than on time, inspect waiver ginseng to exhibit a qualification, what hand in charge to be not retreated, place is exhibited surely call in arrange separately.

(4) " ginseng extend regulation " it is the regulation that all ginseng that enter an exhibition extend business place to must be abided by, ginseng exhibit an unit to put forward to join exhibit application, make clear those who receive acceptor acceptor to do system of unit to decide namely " ginseng extend regulation " .
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