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2009 the 16th (Beijing) international building decorates material exhibition
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Cloth extends time: On March 2, 2009 - on March 3, 2009

Show time: On March 4, 2009 - on March 7, 2009

Remove extend time: On March 7, 2009 - on March 7, 2009

Can exhibit place: New China International exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Chinese building decorates association

Undertake unit: Science and technology of China harbor building shows Beijing traditional Chinese clothes limited company

What belong to an industry: Building / decorate / hardware

Be in an area: Beijing | Beijing

Can exhibit a description:

“ the 10th China (Beijing) international building adornment and abbreviation of material exposition ”(, BUILD DECOR2008 country postpones the meeting that build rich) will on March 4, 2009 —3 is in center of exhibition of Beijing · China International 7 days month to be held once more, just meet the project purchases busy season right now, this will drive the product sales volume of enterprise annual, also be to face the market and agency to recommend the equal opportunity that tastes newly. And center of exhibition of Beijing China International is current north holds the place with most good exhibition. Exhibit meeting cent to set pottery and porcelain gate of hardware of adornment of stair of cloth of wall of ark of wall of Wei Yu, kitchen, wall paper, floor, automatic door, garage door, building, art, warm connect heat addition, new-style building materials to exhibit an area, it is with exhibition of each special subject oriented, it is a foundation in order to have the advertisement conduct propaganda of range and deepness, make exhibit the force that can have height inside the industry and famous degree. Exhibit can predict to will ginseng of Home L000 company is exhibited, exhibit an area 80000 smooth rice 5000 exhibit, bui1d Decor2009 will continue to strengthen the cooperation with association of / of domestic and international business on this foundation, ceaseless promotion abroad exhibits the amount of business and quality. The L50 inside U.N. is much at the same time media of domestic major media, many 50 public is met to exhibiting have a system and scientific advertisement conduct propaganda, achieve the favorable result that extend trade. After BuiId Decor2009 will become afterwards BUILD DECOR2008 country to postpone the meeting that build rich, Chinese housing materials and building decorate an industry to show the grand meeting with commerce again.

Provide one of building materials exposition of influence and dimensions most as home, build Decor2009 country exhibits the meeting that build rich to be sure to gather together numerous distribute group and abroad purchase an organization to participate in, become promotion of throughout the country of building materials company, annual sale reachs the good platform of international trade. In the meantime, exhibit association of each authority of meeting and whole nation and foreign trade association to cooperate energetically, be sure to attract come from estate to develop supplier of equipment of unit of project of business, construction and domestic outfit engineering, designing institute place, hotel, government to purchase wait for engineering field user to attend a meeting look around negotiate, the issuance that makes product of newest 2009 industry and technology stage, the barometer of the ” of “ assaying stage of manufacturer and whole industry.
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