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Course of study of door of the 16th China International and building decorate ha
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Cloth extends time: On March 1, 2009 - on March 3, 2009

Show time: On March 4, 2009 - on March 7, 2009

Remove extend time: On March 7, 2009 - on March 7, 2009

Can exhibit place: New China International exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Association of adornment of building of stimulative commission of China International trade, China, China International shows central group company

Undertake unit: Building of traditional Chinese clothes of limited company of exhibition of science and technology of China harbor building, Beijing shows Beijing traditional Chinese clothes limited company, medium exhibit harbor of group north capital to show limited company

Assist run an unit: Hutch of association of bldg. of designing institute of building of Chinese building society, China, China, traditional Chinese clothes defends project committee, China to build project head office, China to build hutch of head office of imports and exports, traditional Chinese clothes to defend project of project committee, China to standardize association, China to build advisory committee of information of metallic structure association, traditional Chinese clothes, China

What belong to an industry: Building / decorate / hardware

Be in an area: Beijing | Beijing

Can exhibit a description:

“ China (Beijing) international door course of study and ” of exhibition of building adornment hardware are Chinese north exclusive internationally, the grand meeting of trade of hardware of brand door course of study that dimensions spends. This is exhibited can establish 1992, by authoritative guild-----Stimulative commission of association of Chinese building adornment and China International trade, China International exhibits central group company to be sponsorred jointly, all along in order to clinch a deal the specified number is large, internationally quality of strong, audience is high and enjoy line of business of “ Asia door the first beauty that exhibits ” praise, it is the enterprise reachs a hardware of course of study to trade finally, the development of stimulative market industry, first selection platform that promotes image of brand of business affairs collaboration, promotion.

Hardware of course of study of DoorsChina2009 Beijing door is exhibited offer internationalization, specialization, dimensions changes reveal, action business and purchase, gathered together the company of metals of door course of study such as door of door of wooden door, automatic door, garage door, rolling door, metal, guard against theft and building adornment hardware, Weiyu hardware, furniture hardware, company of company of engineering of administration of designing institute of material of project of the building materials trafficker that drew 22 countries such as area of and other places of Beijing, China north, northeast, Tianjin and Germany, Japan, Italy, Korea, United States, Holand and district, construction, building, property, construction, adornment, , complete the industrial cable length that shows industry of hardware of whole door course of study group attend the meeting, reflect the progress of industry of hardware of course of study of our country door in the round.
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