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Reese: Sale person and supervisory war
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My instinct tells me " western allied " cannot be served for word of one home appliance by consumer acknowledge company, because be in the intelligence of consumer, "Western allied " mean " cable " .

The result still was defeated, roll out western allied phone serves business, it is a disaster simply to this company. This company is in the loss in taking a risk this 600 million dollar, it is brushstroke large number really. Final western allied suspend payment.

Look in me, if at that time western alliance can comply with the word of sale person, different name is used to affect customer on telephone service business, it becomes the United States' biggest telephone call to serve estate company likely.

Similar " war " very much still. Old previously, I judged personal computer to will make a trend, accordingly I spent the CEO that persuades DEC all day long to roll out the first independent personal computer brand, as a result he abandoned finally, and IBM race to control first machine.

When IBM from the server outspread to PC domain when, I suggest IBM enables new brand in personal computer domain. But IBM with personal computer is his at that time main income, the influence is tremendous for did not accept. The deficit of PC business accumulative total of result IBM exceeds 10 billion dollar, sell finally.

We still point out brand of GE, Shi Le is outspread won't succeed into personal computer domain, new coke won't be successful, but CEO people logistic thinking is inexorable go.

(origin: " management of China and foreign countries " author: Civil / interpret of Li Jing of reporter of engage by special arrangement / article translator fastens Zhang Yun Reese (associate) Chinese company general manager)

(entire content detailed sees the article was published on September 1 " China and foreign countries manages " magazine) )

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