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German ginseng exhibits the Chinese enterprise such as sea letter to be investig
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SISVEL old tactics repeats ginseng of Chinese enterprise Germany to exhibit meet with again confiscate investigation

Guangzhou of Lang Lang of our newspaper reporter reports

"This apparent hereat ability repeats SISVEL, the object of its confiscate still is given priority to with Chinese brand, behave in European market especially not the brand of other country of the China of common and Asia and area. " on September 8, indignant the earth's surface shows Zhu Shuqin of vice director of department of government of brand of sea letter group.

On August 29, in German Berlin international consumptive electron is exhibited (the following abbreviation " IFA " ) on, german custom with " the likelihood violates patent " for, assault 69 enterprises are exhibited, confiscated the item on display such as a large number of televisions, MP3 and mobile phone. According to reporter understanding, german custom of this action and SISVEL of company of representative of patent of a MP3 inform against about, in IFA opening eve, SISVEL offerred to may encroach its patent company list to German custom.

In fact, domestic company is not new to SISVEL. On March 15, 2007, be SISVEL spreads out the first day when exhibit in CeBIT, make through similar measure the item on display of the enterprise such as report of the Hua Qi that comes from chinese mainland and Taiwan, Newmann, stage accumulating is torn open by German custom, and the limits that this its hit has produced a business from the digital product such as MP3, outspread reached the flat TV company such as Er of sea letter, sea and industry of partial mobile phone.

Old tactics of patent representative company repeats

"Right below the circumstance that does not have any practical evidence the much home company that comes from China takes tough confiscate action, this believed the famous brand figure in European market to also cause abominable effect to the sea, this we must make a stand against after all. " Zhu Shuqin tells a reporter so.

The reporter understands, begin in the IFA this year that day, german custom with " the likelihood violates patent " for assault 69 companies that include sea Er, sea to be believed inside are exhibited, confiscated the item on display such as a large number of televisions, MP3 and mobile phone. And here before today cloth postpones day, german custom also with similar reason confiscate the partial item on display with contemporary Korea.

It is reported, the sea is believed this second exhibited to measure yield big screen LED to be in a poor light first in abroad liquid crystal TV, still have other advocate make flat product, and white report product. These products all suffer " confiscate " .

According to reporter understanding, this one incident had caused local student studying abroad and ginseng to exhibit the great anger of the enterprise, IFA organizing committee has appeared personally express an apology, organize bargaining of lawyer and travel of local sea coop.
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