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Xia Xin changes collect of handsome impawn equity endowment business of mobile p
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A few days ago, *ST Xia Xin (600057, SH) announcement says, su Zhenming of this company former president " because of body reason " already resigned on September 4, in the meantime, trustee piece good year also resigns because of retiring. Su Zhenming's succession person it is Zhu Yiming.

Although Dong Bi Lv Dong was accepting *ST Xia Xin yesterday " daily economy news " Zhu Yiming was being denied to replace Su Zhenming when interviewing is the intended arrangement that Xia Xin controls philtrum cable group actually, but at the same time announcement weighs *ST Xia Xin, this company already added up to its hold company one hundred and seventeen million two hundred and nine thousand six hundred and thirty-two are restricted to make work current this one information of group of the cable in giving comes to an impawn look, in the movement of electric group, it is the key that *ST Xia Xin walks out of the risk that retreat city.

One's previous experience of new president finance affairs

The tall canal that Zhu Yiming is the group of the cable in controlling a person actually that regards Xia Xin as the electron holds president of summerly new electron part-time. Go signing up for year after year according to *ST Xia Xin, zhu Yiming is had successively held the posts of in capital of plan of department of electric group finance affairs punishs deputy director general, financing investment manages deputy director general, the head of a department or office, financial department grows everywhere, finance affairs and property right manage a vise general manager. The personage inside course of study is analysed accordingly, zhu Yiming take-overs in current level Xia Xin, with its financial background is concerned.

According to reporter understanding, zhu Yiming carries out vise general manager roundly besides panda electron collect beyond, still appear on the market the report in the company is wide (600764, the president of SH) . Before taking up the post of president, zhu Yiming already held the position of 3 trustee in summerly new electron, zhu Yiming take-overs Xia Xin, group of the cable in be being regarded by industry dominates the control that increases pair of Xia Xin electrons the show with support.

Collect endowment 1.27 billion spiker engine professional work

According to announcement of *ST Xia Xin, this company is restricted one hundred and seventeen million two hundred and nine thousand six hundred and thirty-two to make work current belong to the same organization of group of the cable in giving has been in an impawn branch of Shanghai of finite liability company handled the close an account of Chinese negotiable securities that register relevant formalities. Before this, *ST summer is new the hand offers group of the cable in already was being obtained and couplet of limited company of Xia Xin electron in all support of 1.27 billion yuan of finance, *ST Xia Xin obtains afore-mentioned noting endowment the condition is should to in equity of part of electric group impawn.
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