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Coke Cola encounters heal door: Cosignatory submit a written statement to a high
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Morning paper dispatch (reporter Zhou Zhihong) because buy the consistent condemn that collects a source to be reached an expert by the netizen, the Coke Cola of dance of be apt to of all along long on public relations sleeve also was immersed in mood angst. Personage of know the inside story disclosed to the reporter yesterday, undertake to make sure what buy to collecting a source is smooth, coke Cola is endeavoring to produce the public opinion that is helpful for buying, and be suspected of suppress object sound. Current, already had opponent by force of pressure " stop voice " .

This matter already evolved on the net for " heal door " incident, origin on September 5 a lawyer is in the interview of website of a portal. On September 5, become what attorney office Qian Weiqing's lawyer suffers one portal website to invite greatly, talk about Coke Cola to buy the belong to the same organization that collect a source. In the interview, qian Weiqing expresses, no matter be,be being returned from popular wishes is from " antitrust law " angle " do not value this to buy " , "Popular wishes has ethical love to be inside, if object sound too big, can direct or what affect concerned department secondhand is decision-making " , want so " the checkup that passes Department of Commerce smoothly difficulty is very great " .

Personage of know the inside story introduces, after this interview broadcasts, coke Cola is called immediately become attorney office greatly, ask Qian Weiqing recalls afore-mentioned opinion on public affairs, and emphasize, greatly into attorney office the lawyer holds the position of adviser in Coke Cola, "Which business is big, you are looked at do! "

By force of pressure, the Qian Weiqing after a few hours announces to recall this opinion on public affairs. And Qian Weiqing expressed when accepting a reporter to interview yesterday, "To buying case and this matter all inconvenience publishs a comment. "

"This kind operates the practice of public opinion passed a bit. " personage of know the inside story expresses. And reporter discovery, besides hitting the opinion that presses the expert inside course of study, a few websites also begin in succession cancel objects viewpoint and expert interview, changed to discuss so greatly at the same time, the support that presents a lean to one side finally and " buy it is good to will bring huge profit " unified opinion on public affairs.

And personages of afore-mentioned know the inside story are to suspect the president that collect a source Zhu Xinli more the abnormality yesterday makes known his position, its " the enterprise is raised with respect to deserve child, sell when the pig, common heart look upon sells " opinion on public affairs, probable also be to get the pressure of Coke Cola. Personage of this know the inside story expresses, he ever represented heart swell before this become a shareholder collect a source to had undertaken negotiating, have very thorough contact with Zhu Xinli, this is not Zhu Xinli completely work means and talking style.
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