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Fine auspicious of United States of oily industry of edible of foreign capital c
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Standard of oil price of edible of case of focusing edible oil price is common drop

As the drawing near of the Mid-autumn Festival, the sale of oil of the edible on the market increases apparently. So current is case of edible oil price how a circumstance? Will view the reporter's investigation.

According to oil of grain of grade of Beijing jade coin the monitoring data of terminal market shows (this year 1 to September soya-bean oil (8750, 2, 0.02% , ) price) , no matter be one class soya-bean oil, still be rapeseed oil (9256, - 22, - 0.24% , ) , blend oil presents bade case to take small state. Be in a large supermarket of Beijing, all sorts of packet on goods shelves install oily full of beautiful things in eyes, and return on a lot of label special made clear present price and several days ago the price, depreciate extent particularly apparent. One is in what the dining room works at the master, he should come here to be purchased every week, to the change of the price he has very much experience.

Occupy countrywide farming by-product and farming endowment price quotations system is monitored, near future of edible oily manufacturer reduces edible fat trade price in succession, begin from August 25, standard of countrywide edible oil price is common small fall, partial city price fall is near 10% . From the whole nation all valence looks, pure colza oil, pure soja (4118, 6, 0.15% , ) oil price case falls bigger, it is respectively 0.57% with 1.32% , monitored the others price of 5 edible oily variety falls in 0.3% less than. Among them, the city that pure soybean oil drops is most. Expert analysis, price of the soja on international drops, it is the main reason that brings about soybean oil price to reduce.

Will keep smooth before the Spring Festival next year

Many consumer worry: Case of edible oil price can go up again after rise. Nevertheless the personage inside course of study thinks, this kind of concern was not necessary. Our country consumes edible oil every year to make an appointment with many tons 2300, among them soya-bean oil consumption is occupied 40% the left and right sides, and the soja this year fluctuates greatly for should not appearing.

Enter our northeast after September soja to harvest those who appear on the market to enlarge us to reckon to time of around of Spring Festival of the end of the year from now home market can assure a stability to the complement that domestic supply should be a very large amount to supply the interval that the price should be in to move smoothly in succession.

At present annual and homebred soja is in many tons 1500, among them many tons 1000 are used at edible, the others is used many tons 500 at oil expression. Additional, the international soja price that affects price of our country soya-bean oil, predict to also will be in steady state this year.

On the international market, 09 year, soja is an increase production, especially weather is better, per unit area yield rises bigger, below the circumstance of this kind of bumper harvest, domestic soja (the price) if, should meet a course that goes low stage by stage, include domestic soya-bean oil, affirm that is to say, future may return a space that one drops. (We predict 1710) , prospective value should say to compare gently, that is to say won't rise to fall greatly greatly. At present our country is used every year at compressing the soja demand of edible oil is in many tons 4000, outside dividing homebred soja to be able to satisfy 5 million tons of right-and-left requirement, the others of near 90% compress the quantity comes from at importing soybean.
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