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Four leading Chinese auto market marketing model
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The industry believes that, either existing or under development automotive marketing model marketing model cars, have to comply with China's national conditions, market demand, manufacturers have to benefit as quickly as the latest car Products, services and car culture to the consumer side. No matter what kind of automobile marketing mode, and its existence and development are subject to approval balance the interests of manufacturers, distributors interests, the interests of consumers. Only the development of the tripartite balance of interests, this automobile marketing mode to exist and develop under the Go. Well, now what car market is popular automobile marketing mode, which also appear in future automotive marketing model? We take a look at the following situations. Model one, online car Now many manufacturers, merchants are creating online car channel, many businesses have begun to taste the sweetness in the auto industry attracted widespread attention, which is the model of today's automotive industry is another innovative marketing initiatives. Consumers through the online car, not only beyond time and space to reach parts of the world automobile market, but also free to enjoy any one of the cars, based on their preferences, their favorite models and decorative accessories. This car Consumer spending more in line with individual characteristics of the times. At the same time, this will help dealers save the cost of circulation, production plan developed under the order to determine the vehicle design, configuration and quantity, timely adjustment of product structure to meet the market and meet user requirements. Analysis: Internet Marketing automotive marketing car, although the trend of the future, but if you want consumers to click on the car alone, the reality of network marketing if not a strong distribution network, service network as a support, can only A mirage, it is difficult to ideal way of marketing a reality. In addition, the online marketing vehicle and a security issue. Model II, the regional marketing As the car market, now there is a new marketing model cars - regional marketing. According to Jia Xinguang, at present is to adopt this model of regional sub-regional forms of marketing. In fact, the FAW - Volkswagen from the SU Wei Ming in charge of sales, will FAW - Volkswagen divided into several regions, each region covers sales, service, training, after-sales and other functions, which greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of dealers, and create a sales high. Analysis: The greatest feature of this model is that each region can be based on characteristics of the automotive market in their respective regions, to develop targeted marketing strategies. At present, Tianjin FAW, Shanghai Volkswagen is also a large district system to create a similar network Network. Mode three, the image store into the community This kind of pattern is emerging in the progressive development of a new automobile marketing mode, which is actually a kind of "mother store + sub shop" model. Now many car dealer shop address due to construction constraints, had to master store (4S) was built in the relatively distant from urban areas, but there is a consumer to grasp the strength of urban populations, some dealers to explore a new path, the brand image of the shop moved into the community, the radiation within the 2-4 km The purchase of the crowd . Analysis: The reporter was informed that the current model has been carried out in Chengdu, and has achieved initial success. It is reported that there are thousands of dealers even planned to open the image store, the car moved into the community. Mode IV Region agency Some of the strength of dealers after years of development, has formed a group scale. In order to meet the dealers of development, the strength of the car dealers to sell, some manufacturers sold the products to a large district system agents . It is understood, Hebei Jidong Electromechanical to have won the Subaru North and the Inner Mongolia region exclusive rights, and then by the development of secondary agents. The FAW - Volkswagen Caddy had to direct sales in the open market in Southwest Time to choose a dealer to do in Kunming southwest sole agent. Analysis: The biggest advantage of this model is built shops, low cost, smooth channel, is conducive to the manufacturers to gain a greater voice and help enterprises of "vertical development."