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Masses car is denied in China plan of suspensive derv car
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Of one mind wants to be in derv car domain somewhat the current situation that factitive masses car faces Chinese derv to supply insecurity has felt helpless quite, but face in the bookshops to circulate the view that will suspend derv car project about the masses, chinese respect still gave the masses to be denied clearly, "Project of suspensive derv car attributes fantastic talk. "Project of suspensive derv car attributes fantastic talk..
The plan of derv car promotion of masses car still will hold to how long, become the topic that industry pays close attention to.

Awkward derv car

A few days ago, national hair changes appoint vice director Zhang Guobao expresses, after the Olympic Games ends, domestic oil price will be made according to the circumstance adjust. The response all the more that the government sector changes to oil price arouses the passion of car of new energy resources of car company thrust, the oil price that because be climbed ceaselessly,raises has highlighted the advantage that gives car of new energy resources.
And disclose according to personage of know the inside story, the derv car that operation of Shanghai and other places throws before this retreats city in succession, section oily effect is not outstanding, current, shanghai masses had suspended plan of all derv engine, this meant the masses to suspend pursueing the project of derv car in China.
To this, the masses (China) accepting yesterday " daily of the first finance and economics " when interviewing, make clear express, masses derv car is carried out in China not smooth, main reason is domestic oil is tasted supply more nervous, is not the masses suspended derv car project.
In fact, derv supplies insecurity is the close band that manacles the masses to pursue derv car in China all the time, the personage of know the inside story that is close to public respect tells a reporter under the counter, public respect not the derv car project that dead stop is in China, it is to consider oil price continues to rise after the Olympic Games, relevant section hopeful unlocks the limitation of pair of derv cars.
And a variety of evidence make clear, after the Olympic Games ends, the country unlocks the big city such as Beijing unlikelily to restrict the policy of derv car, "The masses car that hopes to persuade a government sector to support derv car to develop all the time all the time very depressed. " automobile analyst Zhong Shi is being accepted when interviewing, express.

Be in a dilemma

"The masses abandons the promotion of derv car, will disastrous, but go to find breach very hard again forth. " a car expert spoke the awkward unfavorable situation with current people.
In fact, besides Chinese market, derv car develops momentum in Europe, America all very good, at present European market has half car is derv car, and the masses holds lead dominant position from beginning to end in respect of derv trick-cycling art.
Car of masses of the last ten-day of a month released in July " can develop a report continuously " show, in solution of popular future the sources of energy, short-term inside use traditional fuel inside lighting engine will still be mainstream technology, for example the technology of straight in season of gasoline of pressure boost of new-style TSI(turbine of masses car) can reduce average oil cost 20% above with DSG technology.
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