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Place of Coke Cola Olympic Games sold 25 million bottles
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Coke Cola is harvested in Beijing Olympic Games quite abundant.
"During the Olympic Games, coke Cola product achieves 24 million ~ in the sale inside Olympic Games place 25 million bottles. " yesterday afternoon, vice president of company of Coke Cola China holds Lu Dawei of general manager of Olympic Games project concurrently to express publicly, as final count finish, the sales volume of Coke Cola may exceed 25 million bottles. Be in only burning hot opening ceremony that evening, "Bird's nest " 90 thousand much audience consumes product of 2.5 bottles of Coke Cola on average, this may be sales volume a highest day.
And on the Athenian Olympic Games before 4 years, this one word still is less than 20 million. During Beijing Olympic Games, 32000 employee of 4000 100 thousand official of 5200 many 10 thousand athlete, Olympic committees, volunteers, Olympic Games Organizing Committees, reporters and 7 million audience everyday product of series of drinkable and many Coke Cola.
Nevertheless Coke Cola expresses, sponsorring the Olympic Games is simple sales volume not just absolutely the company to Coke Cola increase, in the check that to oneself abstruse operation sold yesterday, coke Cola also expresses satisfaction to his exam paper. Lu Dawei expresses, review the past 16 mix 7 years of preparatory Olympic Games day and night, submit a satisfactory exam paper OK and proudly to everybody eventually. 17 days of the Communist Party of China have millions ginseng and Coke Cola activity; 500 million person participates in market of its Olympic Games to popularize an activity.
The personage expresses related sale of Coke Cola Olympic Games, in sale of its Olympic Games, coke Cola does not rely on advertisement only, more important is to hold an activity to let consumer gain an experience. "Be located in Olympic park ' center of bright of Coke Cola free ' during the Olympic Games everyday full load runs, day all recieves the 10 thousand person that look around more. " Ludawei expresses, "If add us to be in Beijing busy streets and whole nation each are main city 26 ' Chang Shuang region ' visiting number, during the Olympic Games the number that reveal an area to look around on average everyday achieves just a little 100 thousand people. During the Olympic Games the number that reveal an area to look around on average everyday achieves just a little 100 thousand people..
According to the data that Coke Cola provides, what the choose of hand of Coke Cola torch 2007 attracted 310 million person-time is voting; Enter 2008, 62 million person participated in interesting fictitious torch relay; Coke Cola " mosaic of Olympic Games photo " the picture that the activity got 26 million pieces of him consumer to film, become the picture with the biggest throughout history to collect an activity.
In the meantime, coke Cola still sells the product that contains Chinese model of written characters in 150 many countries and area, begin sale of complete Olympic Games in 60 many countries and area.
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