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440 thousand jotter put Suo Ni in hidden trouble of spare parts overheat
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A few days ago, all alone the company announces the Buddhist nun, on the foundation that superintending a branch with the quality of China, United States, Japan ahead of schedule or consults, because be put in hidden trouble of spare parts overheat, the computer of notebook of VAIO VGN-TZ series that Suo Ni company announces to be aimed at nearly 440 thousand in the whole world is unified execute detect freely maintenance, among them Chinese market involves nearly 78 thousand. It is reported, this is in recent years computer of the most large-scale notebook detects freely incident, 2006, suo Ni ever announced recall 9.6 million notebook computer cell that oneself produce, involve many international well-known trademark.

Problem computer may produce overheat

All alone the company confirms the Buddhist nun, came in July 2007 the computer of notebook of VAIO VGN-TZ series that sells during August 2008, fall in extremely low probability (be less than at present extremely) , the skin when the electrical wiring of join airframe and screen is opening the act that shut screen often is worn away, bring about short circuit, the quantity of heat of generation makes power source interface or generation of region of screen week border area are out of shape; Still having few case is by partial part breakdown creates afore-mentioned appearances. The instantaneous temperature that should produce when phenomenal happening can be not achieved cause the fumy, rate that catch fire, also do not have any influences to batteries. Suo Ni company shows, already undertook be improvemented in the round to manufacturing technology, put an end to the likelihood that similar problem happens again.

Relevant consumer can detect freely maintenance

And report according to foreign media, according to American commodity safety committee discloses, be in newest in incident of a short circuit of this kinds of computer, a person that use is spent gently burnable, and up to now, this branch already received relevant incident 15 cases complain.

It is reported, the computer of notebook of nearly 440 thousand VAIO that involves this, include Japanese market 67 thousand, additionally 373 thousand are beyond Japan 48 states sale. Company of Suo Ni China sends statement to express to our newspaper reporter yesterday, the computer of 78 thousand notebook that Chinese company will involve for this offers Suo Ni to detect freely maintenance, consumer can dial Suo Ni (China) customer of VAIO notebook computer seeks advice from service hot line freely (800 820 2228, mobile phone user can dial 021-3891 4570) to know a detail, or website of China of visit Suo Ni, inquire whether relevant product detects freely in this inside maintenance service limits. If experience card is belonged to,maintain limits at detecting this, accept free service according to hot line or website directive please.

The range of model of computer of notebook of VAIO VGN-TZ series that involves this:

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