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Suitable gallop
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Almost between one night, suitable gallop all door inn shut praedial Shijiazhuang. This once had inn of 40 much doors, outstanding achievement to rank city of place of business of Home Ju Shi in peak period the 2nd " cent helm " was cancelled so. The message comes out, next, suitable gallop praedial still will be opposite other 2, make sb the first aim of attack of 3 lines city.
" daily of the first finance and economics " the reporter is in affirm suitable gallop after praedial Shijiazhuang branch stops to run, connection arrives suitable gallop praedial president Wang Xuequan, wang Xuequan tells a reporter, suitable gallop praedial battlefront systole result between this year March, after crossing afterwards Shijiazhuang, again other branch whole does not quit movement, adjust basically undertake in each city interior.
Up to now annual bottom, suitable gallop praedial door inn will reach 480 or so by nearly 900 systole, wang Xuequan expresses, the strategy of the company is adjusted main the change as a result of market level.

Battlefront is contractive

In the bookshops guesses, suitable gallop of praedial Shijiazhuang business stop, origin is management not to be pooh-poohed. But Wang Xuequan expresses, group make " break an arm " act, main because of Shijiazhuang portfolio all the time not quite.
According to introducing, although arrange gallop praedial Shijiazhuang branch has had brilliant period in place, but although be in the most brilliant when, highest clinch a deal the quantity also is nevertheless a day, with fastigium for a year of 250 thousand Shanghai market, shijiazhuang business is really negligible.
Occupy reporter understanding after that, companion goes low as estate market level, trade the quantity glides, suitable gallop of praedial Shijiazhuang branch secondhand door inn is contracting all the time, contract all the time from the inn of 40 much doors of highest peak 8, cancel finally entirely.
"Be in early this year the beginning of the year, we feel the market will begin addle beforehand, although there was the sign of a get warm again after a cold spell March, we also decide to begin the strategy to adjust, contract namely. " Wang Xuequan expresses. Making what its rejoice is, after passing brief March spring, the market begins to be down again, trade the quantity glides continuously.
Of Shijiazhuang business stop enough to see suitable gallop praedial " abandon Che Baoshuai " determination, so after afterwards Shijiazhuang, is next likelihood made stop " cent helm " where be?
The reporter is arranged with respect to Your's sincerely report gallop praedial Zhengzhou branch, nevertheless its clerk introduces, zhengzhou business does not have inactive evidence, group near future sends chief newly to head for Zhengzhou, have the interest of development more.
Wang Xuequan also expresses, arrange next gallop praedial adjustment basically undertakes in urban interior, basically reflect in door inn decrease on. And in Shijiazhuang, the company also will seek business of commodity house representative actively, explore among them business chance.
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