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Coke Cola or unify juice market
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A general issue is, why can Coke Cola raise negotiate a price such buy program? Besides the market share that takes a fancy to the fruit juice that collect a source and channel, coke Cola so with great quantity, whether to still have bigger plot rear?

What can foreknow is, if be bought this,be able to finish, criterion Chinese juice market will face great change: Coke Cola depends on enormous capital actual strength, again this kind of market medium " the old " incorporate into one's own forces of the fruit juice that collect a source is subordinate, in market of carbonic acid beverage ceaseless atrophy, health below the environment that juice market expands ceaselessly, coke Cola is probable on the juice market henceforth unify country, also do not have adversary again.

The brand that collect a source and production are insusceptible

Li Xiaojun of controller of public relations of Coke Cola China discloses to media, buying intention this is " the development latent capacity that values beverage of Chinese fruit juice " . Develop for the whole of Coke Cola, the company hopes not to contain gas beverage to have very good development, the fruit juice that collect a source tea of orange, as will original as bead of fruit of beautiful juice source part of a historical period, abound the breed of Coke Cola beverage jointly.

Should ask about this to buy when whether be suspected of market of forestall China juice, li Xiaojun says, "We did not make monopoly in China " . Li Xiaojun says, brand of the fruit juice that collect a source will still be withheld, and Coke Cola will enter advanced technique area collect a source, such consumer to China are more advantageous.

And ice of music of assistant of president of the group that collect a source expresses yesterday: At present this matter still is in should buy level about, but this trades to won't affect the fruit juice that collects a source to have to produce for certain.

Share of Coke Cola market be far ahead

The data shows, the fruit juice that collect a source is at present market of Chinese pure fruit juice has rate premier company, 2007, sale of the fruit juice that collect a source achieves 2.656 billion yuan, grow 28.6% . This year first half of the year, total output of the beverage that collect a source 540 thousand tons, grow 11.11% compared to the same period. And other trademark of relatively well-known fruit vegetables juice still has orchard of unified, farmer to wait.

Report according to AC Nielsen, 2007, market of beverage of Chinese fruit juice rises considerably, fruit vegetables juice is the soft drinks with the rapiddest growth. With valence estimation, fruit vegetables juice already made market of the 2nd big beverage after carbonic acid beverage. Collect a source to be forecasted 2012, growth of beverage of fruit vegetables juice will exceed market of carbonic acid beverage.

According to Ou Rui international information seeks advice from company data to show, in Chinese juice market, the fruit juice that collect a source owns the share of 10.3 % , after Coke Cola tightens therewith, own the market share of 9.7 % .
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