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Royal Q2 innovates again course of study of expensive web parade as before prosp
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Although Internet winter already became the consensus inside course of study, but do not include network game it seems that.

Up to yesterday, the domestic main network that includes royal, giant, Netease to wait inside swims money of the 2nd quarter signs up for the enterprise to already gave heat in succession this year, beautiful outstanding achievement makes clear, net parade course of study as before a flourishing.

Regard a net as the old with processional established industry, announce yesterday grandly newspaper of money of the 2nd quarter shows this year, royal battalion receives this quarter to innovate again tall, amount to 837.6 million yuan of RMBs (add up to) of 122.1 million dollar about; Implementation net profit 279.8 million yuan (add up to) of 40.8 million dollar about, glide compared to the same period 32.7% .

When answering investor question, royal president Tan Qunzhao is to express more, network game still has a lot of new opportunities.

In fact, the other network that includes giant to wait inside swims the enterprise also greets outstanding achievement to grow ceaselessly in succession.

According to what giant releases newspaper of money of the 2nd quarter shows this year, this quarter giant achieves net income 504.8 million yuan of RMBs (add up to 73.6 million dollar about) , grow 36.3% compared to the same period; Net profit is 350.6 million yuan of RMB (add up to 51.1 million dollar about) , grow 32.7% compared to the same period.

Newspaper of money of Q2 of Sohu of traditional portal website is to show more, of business of game of the network below profit from banner develop continuously, its battalion of the 2nd quarter closes to reach 102 million dollar record-breakingly this year.

Zhang Chaoyang of chairman of Sohu trustee bureau still discloses, had planned to issue the standard network game business to tear apart appear on the market.

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