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Coke Cola announces 17.9 billion HK dollar buys the fruit juice that collect a s
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Coke Cola company announces to plan to buy China to assemble limited company of group of source fruit juice with cash now. This company appears on the market for Hong Kong company, own the business that assembles source fruit juice to be in China.

Coke Cola company begins professional work in China from 1979, its business enrages beverage brand Coke Cola with taking, xue Bi, fragrance amount to most famous. In recent years this company grows actively a series of do not take gas drink, include beverage of orange of bead of fruit of source of beautiful juice of fruit juice beverage and Yuan Xie tea, have more choice in order to offer customer. Develop strategy to cooperate this, plan of Coke Cola company strengthens beverage business through be being bought this.

"Collecting a source to be in China is a development long already the fruit juice brand that reachs a success, have the effect that supplement each other to business of Coke Cola China. " presiding apparitor of Coke Cola company and president Mu Taikang say.

"The market is in Chinese fruit juice to grow quickly flourishingly. Buy the partner that will be us this to bring value, provide the professional work that an unique opportunity is in China with increasing for Coke Cola company. This action shows we are right further the acceptance of Chinese market, offer beverage to choose the demand with catering to them for Chinese consumer. " Mu Taikang says.

If buy a success, coke Cola company will use his to cross a state the international major advantage of beverage company, the demand that expands brand of the fruit juice that collect a source to transform in order to cooperate Chinese consumer ceaselessly further. Buy anticipation this to be able to promote run benefit, collect a source to be in through using especially manufacturing facilities of the whole nation, the cent that reachs Coke Cola sells network and raw material to purchase ability, will bring synergism.

This the proposal is bought need whether successfully to inspect China is approved about what be in charge of a branch.

Coke Cola company states current plan is reservation collects a source to have business operation pattern, will make again to business and synergism in the future evaluate. "I am very glad to collect source company to currently hold the post ofpresident Mr Zhu agrees to take up the post of reputation president. The business that assembles a source and Coke Cola company will are opposite because of him the substantial knowledge of Chinese beverage industry, reach his experience and guidance, be able to indebted. " Mu Taikang says: "Our acceptance is mixed in the brand that collect a source continue to develop on the foundation of business mode now, promote its fixed assets use, reach the employee to collect a source to offer much better opportunity.

Coke Cola company suggests to buy want 12.2 yuan to be every HK dollar about, equal in value buy what already issued to be able to change a bond to reach period advantageous position.
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