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The Shanghai after moving duty is general take the lead in depreciating
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Shanghai is general announce yesterday, to Kaidilake the banner issues SLS of car of luxurious business affairs since this day contest power whole set undertakes the price and configuration adjust. Among them 2.8L elite edition and luxurious edition depreciate 10% with 11% , because consumption tax rises,the price of 3.6L luxurious edition that causes cost to increase keeps changeless, mean this car to also depreciate 10% above. Shanghai is general it is the Olympic Games hind first avowed depreciating car look forward to, opened thereby intermediate those who depreciate is prelusive.

As we have learned, SLS is surpassed power the 3.6L elite edition that the adjustment of whole set included luxurious edition of 2.8L luxurious edition and 3.6L to increase black interior trim to add 568 thousand yuan model, newly, in the meantime, because car consumption tax was adjusted on September 1 hind, of 4.0L above by the consumption tax that use a car will by 20% on move to 40% , the attune on price of 4.6L admiral edition 17% , reach 828 thousand yuan.

Notable is, shanghai is general still will surpass at the same time power 2.8L elite edition and luxurious edition depreciate respectively 10% with 11% , mix 498 thousand yuan to 448 thousand yuan respectively. And rise because of consumption tax, the price of 3.6L luxurious edition that cost raises keeps changeless. According to the analysis, the tax rate of model consumption tax as a result of 3.0L above will by 15% on move to 25% , luxurious edition of contest power 3.6L does not rise in price to be meant actually depreciate 10% above.

Zhang Baishun of secretary-general of commission of trade of market of association of Chinese auto industry expresses, meaning of Shanghai current this action is enlarging share of contest power market. By banquet of couplet of the information that use a car meeting statistic shows, before this year 7 months are surpassed power sell 1524 only, drop somewhat compared to the same period.

The personage inside course of study thinks, consumption tax rises to become look forward to of a few cars possibly to turn round the chance of the market. Before this, great victory dragon of Kelaisile also announces not to rise in price. As we have learned, at present Ao Di, run quickly look forward to waiting for a car still is in wait-and-see, did not announce to rise in price.

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