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Always amount to car and hand in send credit card 100 days to already broke thro
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Center of credit card of traffic bank Pacific Ocean and always amount to a car to combined exposure recently, both sides is made together, rolled out in May this year " traffic bank always amounts to car credit card " quantity of 100 days of hairpin already broke through 10 thousand pieces, make clear from this, hand in travel and always amount to roll out this one brand-new concept of financial car consumption is thorough with each passing day already modern life.

According to introducing, the person holding card of credit card of this one car is in always amount to a car to use this calories of consumption, can enjoy learn a car, hire decorate of car, check car, car to wait for respect discount privilege, enjoy do sth for sb safe, free yearly check, detect, come to help wait for a service, golden card client still can be in specific the dot that wash a car is enjoyed wash car service freely. In the meantime, always amount to a car to be the person that hold card special setting " green passageway " , the person that hold card needs to serve a hot line through always be being amounted to only 96818 make an appointment, can enter maintenance station to undertake maintain or be maintaininged waiting directly. In addition still hand in an even more to hold calorie of person to offer 8000 domestic churchyard of business door " honour enjoy advantageous " indulgence serves. The person that hold card still can enjoy the integral that hands in credit card of travel Pacific Ocean to roll out to change a service, include " the ceremony enjoys the life " gift changes 6 top class airline of plan, country to attend " stroll enjoys world " flight course of development changes a plan, and always can amount to car service to touch in what always amount to each inn to use buckle certificate.

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