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Shanghai takes aim grandly on Lin Quan makes over the first sheet
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In hang out one's shingle after half month, yesterday, suffer the Anhui that fix eyes upon fully 100% equity make over forestry centre of star of beautiful of Huang Shan district of yellow hill city the project was held in Shanghai recommend meeting. This hangs what list price case is 9.8 million yuan to trade, since also becoming our country to advance Lin Quan system to reform the Lin Quan of bourse of first property right showing a body makes over a project, cause the high attention of the market. Especially notable is, chen Tianqiao's subordinate Shanghai royal network not only the spot was participated in recommend meeting, more the member that already sent is driven go to Anhui, the spot inspected forestry centre.
Lin Quan is made over head show property right bourse
This year in July, the Central Committee of Communist Party of China, the State Council comes on stage " the opinion that about advancing collective Lin Quan in the round the system reforms " (the following abbreviation " opinion " ) . Basis " opinion " , our country is holding to the premise with fixed fee of collective forest land to fall, contract forest land lawfully right of administration and forest droit, contract through the family the farmer that means fulfils this collective economy to organize, establish farmer contracts as forest land the main body position of person of right of administration.
Basis " opinion " requirement, accelerate forest land, forest to be on the move system construction, must " build perfect property right to trade platform, strengthen be on the move management, be on the move according to standard standard. " fall in such setting, 100% equity make over the beautiful star forestry centre that hanged out his shingle in bourse of Shanghai combination property right on August 12 appear conspicuous all the more.
"When deciding to hang out his shingle in property right bourse at the outset, we just also are holding the mood that have a try in the arms, the hope can cause the attention of more person, but did not think of to be able to have so big echo really. " Chen Zhenghao of forestry centre partner tells a reporter. Introduce according to him, what make over this is beautiful star forestry centre 100% equity, forestry centre is 14.49 million yuan via assessment total assets, but the condition that management state is in deficit or small profit from beginning to end, because this hangs card price,be 9.8 million yuan certainly. At present forestry centre is private partnership business, among them him Chen Zhenghao holds the equity that has 47.5% , hold of another partner Zhang Libin the equity of 47.5% , chen Jianmin criterion hold the rest the equity of 5% .
"There still is not the time that gives benefit now, the growing cycle of this and tree is relative, investing forestry is a long-term earnings, impossible hope has the effect of get effect instantly. We basically are net investment now, without income, but long-term benefit is tremendous. " the reason that Chen Jianmin explains forestry centre deficit to the reporter.
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