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Nuojiya admits platform of S40 mobile phone is put in serious flaw
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A few days ago, nuojiya admits serious flaw of existence of platform of mobile phone of this company Series40, but claim this blemish won't bring significant risk to the user that uses platform of this kind of mobile phone. As we have learned, the Java(J2ME) of mobile phone edition of SUN of influence of this one blemish -- especially the J2ME version that Series40 mobile phone uses Nuojiya, by dagger of · of Adam of polish and safe researcher Diyake discovers this flaw.

Diyake discovers dagger, the blemish nigrify guest in old edition J2ME can visit the mobile phone function that should be restricted originally remotely; The blemish nigrify guest in Series40 can be installed secretly and activation application software. As we have learned, the mobile phone sales volume that is based on Series40 platform has exceeded 100 million. To this, nuojiya expresses in a statement, nuojiya's test basically is centered on the product that includes these two kinds of limitation at the same time, can confirm to these two blemish exist at the same time in a few products. Once complete test and relevant analysis, nuojiya will announce prospective move, solve hacker secret to install the risk that application software brings.

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