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Main network marketing brand Australia Travel Agency Chinese market
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November 1, the second "Greater China Travel Industry Australia Fair" was held in Chengdu. This is the second launch in August this year, "Australia is full of different" new tourism brand, Tourism Australia held in Greater China An important market to do another activity. It is reported that Australia's tourism activities in the industry so far has been held to visit China for 14 years, from 2009 to upgrade the tourist industry in Greater China Fair. This year's event attracted participants from 49 states and territories of Australia Tourism, Travel Attractions, ground operators and Australia, the two airlines, and the Chinese mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan, to 164 travel agents in Australia more than 180 outbound tourism professionals. Tourism Australia General Manager, North Asia, Jian-Hua Ni, said: "Greater China Fair for the Australian tourist industry, the tourism industry in the two places is very important to build a platform for business development. In the consumer market, we also To build a digital marketing platform, and continuous introduction of a series of digital marketing campaign to attract consumers concerned about Australia's unique travel experience and promote their hands-on planning Australia travel plans. "He said, "Digital marketing is not only without any geographic restriction, and highly interactive, effective, and is very effective promotion channels. Australia will continue to increase the network platform for tourism promotion efforts in 2011 after the Spring Festival in China Mainland and Hong Kong launch of 'Australia is full of different' brands of follow-up online marketing activities. We will also strengthen communication with the network media, including inviting well-known portals, video sites and bloggers depth Tourism Field interviews in Australia to view new media experience in Australia's natural beauty and diverse city, to build word of mouth marketing. " Around the new tourism brand promotion, Tourism Australia cooperation project with the airline also made significant progress. In mainland China, Southern Airlines, "Australia is full of different" brand print and TV ads from the 8 Began in the major print on media, outdoor media, and China Southern Airlines in-flight entertainment on the show. Hong Kong, China market has just launched Virgin Atlantic in 10 television, print ads brands and refreshing. Airlines in Australia Brands will be empty until next December, Guangdong, China during April, Hong Kong and Shanghai, has been introduced. Singapore Airlines and Tourism Australia will focus on brands in China in March next year to consumers around the Promote high quality travel experience. "Long-term relationship with the airlines and brand promotion activities, is conducive to more Chinese tourists between Australia, to travel more convenient and more affordable. Frequently between Australia and China in the two flights are Will create a better development of the tourism market for passenger air travel to Australia to create more fast-track. "Jian-Hua Ni said. According to latest statistics from the Australian Tourism Forecasting Committee, January-August 2010, the Chinese mainland Australia Tourist arrivals reached 311,600 people, up 23% over last year