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Project machine exhibited Las Vegas 2011
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Show time: On March 1, 2011 - on March 1, 2011

Can exhibit place: Lasiweijiasihui exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: American equipment Manufacturers Association

Undertake unit: Beijing country sends international of culture communication limited company to be able to exhibit a ministry

What belong to an industry: Mechanical / industry / treatment

Be in an area: North America

Can exhibit a description:

Project machine exhibits Las Vegas (Conexpo-Con/Agg) is 3 big project machine of world are exhibited one of, exhibit with German Bauma and French Intermat eponymous, it is machine of the 2nd big project exhibits the world that is next to Bauma. Exhibit can sponsor at Las Vegas by American equipment Manufacturers Association, every 3 years, heretofore has nearly hundred years history. Extend meeting scope baronial, travelling merchant is numerous, if card spy those is strapped,centered world famous brand, Er of Bohai Sea of small pine, benefit, wo Erwo, it is the main platform that latest technology, equipment and exhibit show inside course of study. Exhibit meeting the corresponding period to hold international motivation to exhibit (IFPE) .

8 years Conexpo-Con/Agg will exhibit a center to continue to hold in Lasiweijiasihui, predict indoor exhibit an area to will be amounted to 175, 000 square metre. Market of global project machine maintains smooth growth at present, market of Chinese project machine also develops one of region markets with be become the mainest. Current, technology of Chinese project machine and function are close to international increasingly advanced level, the product exports Euramerican, southeast Asia and African each country to maintain grow continuously. And project machine will be Las Vegas business of production of industry of Chinese project machinery, trafficker and technologist offer commerce and technology communicate good chance.

Reviewing of previous term or session:

Indoor 2005 showpiece gross area is amounted to 167, 225 square metre, attract come from audience of major of world each district 124, 300, ginseng exhibit business to exceed 2, 000. 5 years Chinese ginseng exhibits business to exceed 79, exhibit an area to amount to 3, 000.

Limits of item on display:

The engineering is mechanical / heavy clamp, permanent magnetism rises since construction machinery, crane, drive a vehicle, crane, dynamoelectric calabash, hook, grab bucket, tip lorry heavy implement, clamp of crane fittings, condole, bridge machine, have tamper of machinery of heavy acetabulum, squeezing ramming, flat, impact tamper, oscillatory tamper,

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