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Aluminous industry of South-American Brazil international was exhibited 2009
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Cloth extends time: On May 21, 2009 - on May 21, 2009

Show time: On May 22, 2009 - on May 24, 2009

Remove extend time: On May 24, 2009 - on May 24, 2009

Can exhibit place: Imigrantes of Brazilian emperor Paul exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Encourage is exhibited, association of Brazilian aluminous trade (ABAL)

Undertake unit: China business collects Beijing couplet international business affairs consults limited company

What belong to an industry: Chemical industry / the sources of energy / environmental protection

Be in an area: South America

Can exhibit a description:

Afterwards succeeds in Germany, Shanghai and Chicago after aluminium of international of open ALUMINIUM series is exhibited, encourage is exhibited read extensively group association of as will aluminous as Brazil trade (ABAL) cooperate to be exhibited in Brazilian international aluminium first (EXPOALUMINIOBRAZIL) during (in May 2007 22 - 24 days) constituent “ALUMINIUM international exhibits round ” . Association of Brazilian aluminous trade (ABAL) it is the aluminous trade organization that Brazil has force most, have market experience of more than 36 years. This association has 68 members company, the production of all primary aluminium that includes Brazil among them and aluminium process a business; Series of aluminous trade of its Brazil international is exhibited (EXPOALUMINIO) virgin 1999, it is conference of the aluminous trade trade of high major, science and technology and exhibition. As the world ground of contain of the 3rd big bauxite, the 6th big primary aluminium produces the ground, brazil is holding significant share in market of world aluminous estate. The market demand that to satisfy Brazilian aluminium industry increases increasingly, encourage is exhibited read extensively group and association of Brazilian aluminous trade (ABAL) will from issue a Brazilian international aluminium to exhibit (EXPOALUMINIO) whenever,begin odd year undertake cooperative doing exhibiting. The company ginseng that about 100 come from other area of South America, Europe, North America and world is exhibited; Item on display includes comfortable the of all kinds new product that uses at aluminous production and treatment industry, new technology and service. Audience origin, come from aluminium of and other places of Brazil, Argentine, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela course of study and its basically use a trade (car / carry, pack, machinery and electron, building and build wait for an industry) policymaker, project and personnel of research and development; Predict to will have 2 everyday, 000 audiences view is exhibited.

Limits of item on display:

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