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Russia is professional in April 2009 international conduit exhibition
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Show time: On April 15, 2009 - on April 17, 2009

Can exhibit place: Muscovite international exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Austrian MSI company

Undertake unit: International of auspicious of Beijing Oriental acute shows limited company

What belong to an industry: Chemical industry / the sources of energy / environmental protection

Be in an area: Europe

Can exhibit a description:

This exhibition is sponsorred by world-renowned Austrian MSI company, got the company of national pipeline system with the biggest Russia support energetically, be in for appearance of international conduit, equipment, instrument and service supplier exhibit on the meeting direct with purchase just reach demand to just meet provided very good platform, this is exhibited since can establishing oneself, dimensions and consequence expand increasingly, already developed become Russia and far east area the conduit of the the biggest, most influential force is exhibited meeting, russia oil gas is resourceful, already became the world to go up now the biggest petroliferous country, as in recent years the rapid development of market of international oil gas, the pipeline estate development of Russia churchyard is very rapid, several large and long-distance cop that cross a state are about to begin to build, the demand to conduit and mechanical equipment is so great, and existing part cop has used Russia old, its maintenance, detect a when reach maintenance to worked to also become Russia to must begin to undertake now major project, this detects for Chinese conduit, monitor, the manufacturing company that defends instrument appearance and professional service company provided huge market.

This major is exhibited can is to be Chinese pipeline facilities, professional instrument appearance produces enterprise and service engineering company to enter Russia market, dig the optimal platform with Russian collaboration latent capacity deep.

My company is to exhibit the sole agent that can sponsor the Chinese zone that just recognizes, full-fledged member is in charge of this postponing the domestic flutter job of the meeting. Exhibit finite, ask as soon as possible to sign up.

The company business incoming telegram that the welcome can be interested in afore-mentioned exhibiting seeks advice, my company is expecting to offer efficient and high grade international to be able to extend a service for you.

Limits of item on display:

The design of ▲ cop and construction project: Cop project: Cop of pipeline construction equipment and large machines and tools, ground digs equipment and project, conduit to prevent ooze material and construction
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