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Machinery of spin of the international in Indian new moral character exhibited T
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Cloth extends time: On April 14, 2009 - on April 14, 2009

Show time: On April 15, 2009 - on April 18, 2009

Remove extend time: On April 18, 2009 - on April 18, 2009

Can exhibit place: PragatiMaidan exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Indian textile federation (CITI)

Undertake unit: Shanghai sincerely Cheng can exhibit service limited company

What belong to an industry: Mechanical / industry / treatment

Be in an area: Asia

Can exhibit a description:

International of ★ India world-class spins exhibition of loom instrument major:

Exhibition of Indian spin machinery (TEXMAC) the professional exhibition of the industry of international spin machinery that is Indian world-class, federation of Indian textile industry and Europe spin this exhibition basically aircraft consortium as exclusive 2009 India machine exhibit promotion conduct propaganda. Exhibit meeting group to do to just express to will make them TEXMACINDIA the spin machinery that is mainstream of South Asia area is exhibited meeting.

According to expert introduction, china spins machine product, like spinning, catch whole, knitting, braid, hand-me-down and inwrought treatment are mechanical, there is very great market potential in India, at present our country spins machine product to had begun to enter Indian knitting, braid, the market that make the clothing. Below this setting, exhibition of brand-new component of international spin machinery will make the window with Indian spin the largest trade. Should exhibit controller of conference organizing committee to say, indian TEXMAC exhibited the ginseng of Chinese enterprise to exhibit dimensions to will exceed 1000 square metre 2009. Current, germany, England already decided with the country ginseng of the form that exhibit a group is exhibited, country of Japan, Korea exhibits round ginseng to exhibit matters concerned to discussing in. Imprint can active ginseng postpones a business of special hope China, through Xin Deli international is spun machine exhibit this at present India internationally the strongest exhibit meeting, extend Indian market energetically.

★ is professional outstanding get international spin industry organizes support:

India holds fair of many spin trade every year, but the spin machinery exhibition that returns neither one major at present. The theme that a lot of companies of our country go entering Indian “IGATEX” exhibition not only it is spin machinery, still include clothing machinery, shoemaking machinery, with etc spin kind product, it is same of a 6 industries sex that exhibits meeting company organization to undertake exhibit integratedly meeting. What form bright contrast with this is, “TEXMAX” is the professional exhibition with industry very specific topic. TEXMAC2009 gains union of Indian textile industry (the main support of the 16 members association of CITI) and subordinate. They will be held in the corresponding period Asian spin industry exchanged views 2009 conference ATEXCON(ASIANTEXTILECONFERENCE) , previous term or session came from delegate of high level accreditation about 500 times to attend the meeting. In addition, exhibition still got the support of association of the following international and organization: Machinery of spin of association of machine of spin of Switzerland of chamber of commerce of industry of Yinde of association of machine of spin of Manufacturers Association of machinery of ACIMIT- Italy spin, BTMA- England, IGCC- , Swissmem- , TEMSAD- and fittings industry association- - the spin machinery branch of German project federation. These support will make sure this exhibition will become international to spin the commerce platform of top level in knitting mechanical industry.
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