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Medicines and chemical reagents of international of 2009 middle east, equipment
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Cloth extends time: On March 28, 2009 - on March 28, 2009

Show time: On March 29, 2009 - on March 31, 2009

Remove extend time: On March 31, 2009 - on March 31, 2009

Can exhibit place: A couplet chief of a tribe enlighten do obeisance to world trade centre

Sponsor an unit: INDEXFAIRS

Undertake unit: China business collects Beijing couplet international business affairs consults limited company

What belong to an industry: Biology / medicine / health care

Be in an area: Asia | Enlighten do obeisance to

Can exhibit a description:

Middle east enlighten do obeisance to pharmacy of international medicines and chemical reagents and technical exhibition to began to hold 1995, had been local apothecary up to now, doctor, scientist, sale major personage, researcher, assist medical treatment professional, medicaments develops business, agency, agent, manufacturer, agency, medical delegate, doctor, medical analyst reachs adviser, product expert, commerce caller and academia personage secure the meeting that attends to purchase and communicate to exhibit platform. Fixed participate in have Dibaisheng bureau, association of medicine of sanitation of A couplet chief of a tribe, the apothecary of system of American society sanitation (Ashp) , science of European confederative pharmacy (Eufeps) , european society is clinical apothecary (Escp) , society, hospital apothecary Australia (Spha) , the curative content of international association is monitored with clinical poisonous a Confucian school of idealist philosophy of the Song and Ming Dynasties (Iatdmct) , canadian apothecary association (Cpha) , international society is medicaments epidemiology (Ispe) , black must strap an university, holand, drug of European society oncology (hold) with Mo Na assorted university is waited a moment.

Market survey: Middle east market to medical technology it is golden mine area of afore-mentioned middle east has person of 8 ten million, population year increase rate is in 3 % , GDP of average per capita exceeds 9000 dollars. A couplet chief of a tribe has the drug market of 90% above to still count an import, while the government is being purchased take action actively also, expand production of civilian battalion drug. A couplet chief of a tribe is the economic system with thalassic the richest and open area, pharmacy and technical mart already opened an entrance door, wait for manufacturer of foreign investor, drug and trafficker open wide a gate, also offerred new development chance in hygiene and biology science and technology at the same time. Middle east accumulate containing tremendous business chance. Middle east area has company of more than 450 pharmacy, medical market gain is 12 billion dollar every year about, and with annual the speed of 10% increases by degrees, enlighten do obeisance to the garden of newly-built 30 million biology science and technology of smooth rice, famous and relevant company invests each country here build a plant. The development that drug market is in thalassic area is honest all previous is worn unprecedented change, market of of all kinds drug is in middle east thalassic country is more than 4 billion dollar, year grow 10% . Saudi Arabia and medicines and chemical reagents of United Arab Emirates are purchased 85% what take thalassic country. The DUPHAT that believes 9 years can be the optimal choice of market of trafficker of Chinese pharmacy business, drug and middle east of open of relevant technology trade.
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