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Italian international is plastic 2009 balata exhibition
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Show time: On March 24, 2009 - on March 28, 2009

Can exhibit place: Italian Milan international exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Equipment of machinery of Italian plastic balata and mould make manufacturer society

Undertake unit: International of Beijing gold the other shore shows limited company

What belong to an industry: Mechanical / industry / treatment

Be in an area: Europe

Can exhibit a description:

Plastic exhibition of Milan of the 15th Italy will on March 24, 2009 - was in center of Milanese new exhibition to hold on March 28. Should exhibit 3 years, by machinery of Italian plastic balata trade association sponsors equipment and mould manufactory, it is the 2nd large-scale plastic industry fair that holds in Europe, dimensions is next to exhibit in German K.

Plastic the controller that exhibit expresses: We believe plastic exhibit and pack the union that exhibit to will provide a kind of extraordinary service to the audience that comes from global each district. These are exhibited to joining also is very important for business, join the target that postpones business and plan to need not be bound go up in a fixed limits surely, and postpone business people can obtain more powerful wider media support and higher visibility and audience amount!

General situation of previous term or session

The Italian Milan plastic exhibition 2006 exhibits an area completely for 65, 545 square metre, 1551 supplier ginseng that come from 50 countries are exhibited, attracted come from the whole world 65 of 125 countries, 853 professional audiences (among them besides audience of Italian capital and profit, come from 21 Europe, Africa, North America, middle east, latin america, 716 professional personages also were attended exhibit meeting) . The basis feedbacks, join the satisfaction that exhibits business and audience to exhibit the effect to joining to spend very tall. In accepting the ginseng of investigation to postpone business, 82% think to exhibit can extraordinary success, or well-content to exhibiting meeting result. Audience satisfaction is spent it is 84% . The net area of current exhibition already achieved 100000 square metre at present, will the 2000 more than ginseng that comes from 50 more than country postpones business, exceed 90000 to purchase business with what come from 130 many countries. Join domain of the technology that postpone business to distributing from 2006 in light of, plastic reach balata machinery equipment to occupy 80% ; Raw material and plastic finished product, semi-manufactured goods is occupied 17% , wu of industry to be taken orally is occupied 3% .

Market analysis

Europe is the world's plastic and rigid main production division, produce moral to sell the whole world, all be in lead position in precision, stability, use fixed number of year and manufacturing efficiency respect, get the affirmation of each country user. Long-term with Italy plastic balata machinery resides the world firmly the 3rd, had jumped house world nowadays the 2nd. Europe belongs to the area with industrialized higher rate, each year all plastic use capacity is more, ardent to the demand of plastic machinery. Forecast according to concerning a respect, among them, inject only the market dimensions that forming machine has 800 million euro every year, squeeze a forming machine to also have the market dimensions of 500 million euro every year. In recent years, italy is in in the entrance forehead of plastic and mechanical respect steadily increase: From 56 what imported the specified amount 2005, 7 million euro, to 58 2006, 9 million euro, the entrance forehead 2007 already was amounted to 61, 2 million euro.
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