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Exhibition of industry of furniture of international of the 15th 2009 Mexico
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Show time: On January 21, 2009 - on January 24, 2009

Can exhibit place: Melon amounts to Lahala international exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: International of Beijing gold the other shore shows limited company

Undertake unit: International of Beijing gold the other shore shows limited company

What belong to an industry: Mechanical / industry / treatment

Be in an area: North America

Can exhibit a description:

Exhibition of industry of furniture of international of the 15th Mexico

(complementary makings exhibits fittings of furniture finished product, furniture, furniture and woodworker, furniture)

My company regards the Chinese area that the government designates as sole agent, will form a delegation solely attend the industry of Mexican international furniture January 9 years to exhibit, enterprise ginseng signing up is exhibited related greeting home!

Exhibit meeting general situation:

Industry of Mexican international furniture is exhibited, it is my department forms a delegation solely the major of the furniture industry with a royal dimensions exhibits the latin america area that enter meeting. This exhibition is dimensions of the South America in trade fair
The exhibition with the biggest, the most extensive influence, the well-known company inside all latin america industries all declares his views in this exhibition.

Exhibit of the meeting hold the ground - Mexico is Sino-US the mart that reachs Latin America area, area of its week border district centered many furniture to produce business and distributors, convenience condition attracted what purchase business numerously
Arrival. The professional public figure that includes the America country such as the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentine, Chile, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia not only among them, still have come from Germany, meaning big
The ginseng of the Asia-Europe country such as benefit, Japan, Singapore and area is exhibited business and purchase business. Had higher internationalization level.

Exhibit meeting cent to exhibit an area for two big themes: Furniture finished product and complementary makings exhibits an area (include spin of furniture of bedroom furniture, bed and sofa, hardware, office furniture, outdoors furniture, of all kinds small home appliance, of all kinds furniture
Complementary makings) , furniture fittings and furniture woodworker exhibit an area (include tool of hardware of of all kinds furniture, fittings, finishing, of all kinds plank, furniture to produce mechanical, woodworker, reach furniture to produce
Of all kinds and circumjacent product) . More professional cent is exhibited be helpful for those who be aimed at purchasing business to have undertake buying. Join the furniture that exhibit to produce business to exhibit the extremely high opinion that give to this, think to exhibit can offer for them not only
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