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Industry of rubber of international of the 5th 2009 India is exhibited
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Cloth extends time: On January 26, 2009 - on January 27, 2009

Show time: On January 28, 2009 - on January 31, 2009

Remove extend time: On January 31, 2009 - on Feburary 1, 2009

Can exhibit place: India adds Er to answer each Salt Lake City exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Complete India Society of Rubber Industry (ALLIndiaRubberIndustriesAssociation-AIRIA) Indian Joint Industry Conference (CII, the industrial association with the largest India)

Undertake unit: Indian Joint Industry Conference (CII, the industrial association with the largest India)

Assist run an unit: The world in Shanghai can exhibit service limited company (CII government appoints Chinese group to exhibit an orgnaization)

What belong to an industry: Chemical industry / the sources of energy / environmental protection

Be in an area: Asia

Can exhibit a description:

Postpone meeting brief introduction

Industry of Indian international rubber is exhibited is India the most large-scale congener exhibit meeting, previous term or session exhibits an area always 2007 nearly 20, 000 square metre, exhibit an area completely 10, 000 much square metre. Come from China, germany, malaysia, sri lanka, many 300 enterprise of the country such as Thailand and United States attended this to exhibit meeting, professional audience is achieved 22, 000 people, audience of Indian homeland major is as high as 12, 000 much person-time. Visiting business comes from Australia, bangladesh, brazil, china, iran, italy, japan, pakistan, russia, singapore, thailand, turkey, england reachs 19 nations such as the United States. Predict current exhibit meeting general to attract ginseng of 500 global fine businesses to exhibit, extend meeting scope all previous the biggest, far-reaching. The mainest channel that Indian enterprise obtains international information is to attend to perhaps visit international fair, its exhibition holds a number not much, but resounding effect is apparent. Gross of Indian rubber industry is equivalent to the summation of southeast Asia market almost, increase propagandist strength through the channel such as exhibition, make Indian client sufficient know Chinese rubber industry, it is the good way that Chinese rubber company extends Indian market.

Market condition

India is the whole world production of the 4th big natural balata and consumptive country, the 5th big balata (natural balata and synthetic rubber) consume a country, also be country of the world's biggest reclaimed rubber treatment, the 3rd big balata produces the whole world country. India has 5500 rubber company, produce product of 35000 kinds of balata, from personnel of course of study 400 thousand person, include the personnel of 25000 technologies qualification, produce per year a quantity 8 billion U.S. dollor, contributive India taxation 1.6 billion U.S. dollor, had dominant core effect to Indian countryman economy.
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