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Exposition of technology of project of international of the 18th 2009 India
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Show time: On Feburary 23, 2009 - on Feburary 26, 2009

Can exhibit place: Indian class adds collect Er international to exhibit a center

Sponsor an unit: CII of Indian industry association

Undertake unit: The world in Shanghai can exhibit service limited company

What belong to an industry: Mechanical / industry / treatment

Be in an area: Asia

Can exhibit a description:

Indian project technology is exhibited is Indian dimensions the biggest, the industry with the largest force kind exhibit meeting, establish 1975, two years, be by India the largest industry association (CII) holds, it is the superexcellent platform that this industry enters India. 17 exhibited 2007 meeting roughly the situation is as follows:

Ginseng postpone business: 852; Abroad postpone business: 412;

Audience: 135212; Professional audience: 54136; Sea exterior is numerous: 5259

Commercial ask dish: 28150; The spot generates trading business volume: 4.725 million U.S. dollor

Ginseng extend a state: 35 countries, austria, canada, china, chile, france, germany, indonesia, italy, japan, korea, russia, south Africa, sweden, switzerland, taiwan, england, wu Kelan, polish, the United States, singapore, thailand, the country such as Mexico

The country purchases a group: 24 countries purchase a group, australia, canada, china, japan, russia, south Africa, romania, kenya, zambia, the country such as Nigeria

Companionate country: Japan; Core country: Germany;

Make the core that exhibit an area participate in a country: Taiwan;

The government shares trade: Italy, romania, russia

Partial ginseng postpones a business: As companionate country, japan had many 100 enterprise to attend this to exhibit meeting, include: CANON, FUJITSU, HITACHI, HONDA, JAPANOVERSEASROLLINGSTOCKASSOCIATION, KAWASAKI, KOMATSU, MARUBENI, MITSUBISHI, MITSUI, NISSAN, SEIKO, SUMITOMO, NSK, SUMITOMO, SUZUKI, TOSHIBA, TOYATA,

The 15th is exhibited on the meeting, via trade public information served to organized enterprise of nearly 80 China to attend this to exhibit in all outside meeting, include Qingdao sea Er, of Guangdong beauty wait for preeminent company, in local consequence tremendous, join those who exhibit an enterprise to be in 6 days to be mixed showpiece trade the activity counteracts Indian enterprise to reach about 70 total the supply agreement that the intentional agreement of 180 million dollar signs 21 million dollar.

Limits of item on display:
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