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The 18th 2008 middle east reach exhibition of illume of energy resources of powe
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Cloth extends time: On December 18, 2008 - on December 19, 2008

Show time: On December 20, 2008 - on December 23, 2008

Remove extend time: On December 23, 2008 - on December 23, 2008

Can exhibit place: Center of conference of Egypt Caire international

Sponsor an unit: Organizing committee

Undertake unit: Beijing Mi Aolan is special international can exhibit limited company

What belong to an industry: Chemical industry / the sources of energy / environmental protection

Be in an area: Africa

Can exhibit a description:

The portal of middle east and North Africa electric power and energy market- - Egypt

◆ Egypt is located in the boundary of middle east and North Africa, situation is very advantageous, according to information of Xinhua News Agency, egypt electric power and energy department are newest a report that publish, to 2012, the electric power of Egypt and energy department need the investment of 12 billion dollar about, year all investment will exceed 1 billion dollar.

◆ Egypt electric power and energy minister Ha Sang. Dr. Eunice expresses, from 1975 up to now, the United States has amounted to 1.7 billion dollar in the investment on the electric power of Egypt and energy project. Among them the monitoring of large to 4 of Egypt power station checks orgnaization of American international development the investment that the system improves a project amounts to 62 million dollar. Having transformed contest mind at present. The power station in A is located in A Siwang, transform a project this to will cost 18 million dollar, improve a plan to include the data system with the old system new instead with original power station, what generate electricity in order to assure is durative, adopt technical standard raise the management that improves power station to wait.

◆ Egypt the sources of energy and power minister make a speech on the conference, egypt increases generating capacity newly last year 703 million are made of baked clay, at present the total generating capacity of Egypt achieves 16000 million tile. Add newly last year with report 650 thousand, be located in impoverished area entirely. Egypt average per capita already achieved 1500 degrees with report.

Exhibit can review:

◆ has held seventeen successfully already, shared 30 countries and area 2007 many 300 enterprise participates in this second grand meeting, they come from chief of a tribe of couplet of Egypt, Australia, Bahrain, Czech, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Syria, Switzerland, Russia, England, United States, A, China, Taiwan to wait respectively.
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