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Electric power of international of the 18th Egypt reachs exhibition of the sourc
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Show time: On December 20, 2008 - on December 23, 2008

Can exhibit place: Center of Caire international conference

Sponsor an unit: Egytec Engineering Co. , LTD

Undertake unit: Guangzhou hundred gets the better of an exhibition to serve limited company

What belong to an industry: Chemical industry / the sources of energy / environmental protection

Be in an area: Africa

Can exhibit a description:

Electric power of the largest international and the sources of energy exhibit North Africa and middle east area - ELECTRICXEgypt

◆ ELECTRICX has held seventeen successfully already, the business that shared 15 countries and area 2007 participates in this second grand meeting, they come from chief of a tribe of couplet of Egypt, Australia, Bahrain, Czech, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, India, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Syria, Switzerland, Russia, England, United States, A, China, Taiwan to wait respectively.

◆ ELECTRICXEgypt already became the electric power with Egypt, North Africa and middle east the famousest area and the sources of energy to exhibit, 2007 in all 17923 professional audiences visited this fair, 90% above exhibit business to express satisfaction to exhibition effect, express to continue to attend ELECTRICXEgypt2008.

◆ ELECTRICXEgypt attends go to a well-known company to include department of Egypt nation energy, ABB, Xi Menzi, general and Shi Naide, Aersitong, electric, electric machinery of 3 water chestnut, Feinikesi, the Kingdom of Wei Demile, Hansen, JungAlbrechtJungGmbH, LG, on the west house electric, Xikemu, compare Rayleigh cable, Luogelang, .

Limits of item on display:

★ is defeated by distribution facilities

★ electric energy is metric product

★ electric power is measured and automation system

Tool of construction of ★ electric power

★ cable cable

The manufacturing facilities of ★ electric energy

Exploitation of ★ natural gas and use

★ generation set and power plant

Technology of automation of ★ electrified wire netting reachs device

★ generates electricity equipment

★ electric power controls device

★ low-pressure electric equipment and building are electric

★ but development of second birth energy and use

System of ★ the sources of energy and safeguard, project, groom, seek advice
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