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Olympic Games tort head case: CCTV net accuses fast thunder
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   Experience abstruse case of intellectual property tort

Amount of claim for compensation of net of thunder of fast of the accused of international of CCTV of the 1st accuser 2.1 million

CCTV international points to the other side fire of emperor of Olympic Games of city of Wu Zhong of real time hookup delivers an activity to violate its right

International of CCTV of the 2nd accuser

Amount of claim for compensation of dragon of the accused century 4.1 million

CCTV international points to the other side the case that fire of emperor of Olympic Games of real time hookup enters a Mount Everest violates its right

Because think fast thunder net without permitting real time hookup " fire of Olympic Games emperor is delivered " , limited company of CCTV international network (international of CCTV of the following abbreviation) one paper indictment limited company of technology of network of thunder of Shenzhen city fast (thunder of fast of the following abbreviation) tell a court, claim for compensation 2.1 million.

A few days ago, court of the 2nd intermediate people has accepted Shanghai this case. This is the case of tort of the first intellectual property that involves 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

Yesterday, CCTV international still is in Guangdong intermediate people court mentions the 2nd case experience abstruse lawsuit of intellectual property tort, the accused just is century dragon, amount of claim for compensation is 4.1 million.

   CCTV international:

The other side without accredit hookup Olympic Games

CCTV international says in indictment, on June 30, 2008, fast thunder net (Www.xunlei.com) " fast thunder looks " direct seeding channel is online real time hookup CCTV " CCTV - Olympic Games channel " " the sports center is special program: Travel together with holy fire " , broadcast content to transfer an activity for fire of emperor of Olympic Games of Wu Zhong city. The website server of fast thunder company is offerred by Inc. of Shanghai net old science and technology.

Lawyer of CCTV international representative, day hears the Rong Chao of attorney office to express, last year in December, CCTV international becomes Internet of government of Beijing Olympic Games / orgnaization of floating platform hookup, have right of hookup of new media of inland and Macao Olympic Games solely. This program by the CCTV international of exclusive accredit CCTV passes website sth resembling a net to travel to the public, broadcast, offer, and CCTV international never also grants fast thunder network hookup right.

"The browsing volume of fast thunder is very high, the influence that accordingly fire of emperor of Olympic Games of real time hookup transmits its tort is self-evident, caused huge pecuniary loss to CCTV international. " Rong Chao's lawyer expresses. For this, CCTV international requests a court to sentence your fast thunder and its server provider to stop tort instantly, the website homepage that manages in its and " Chinese TV signs up for " on make a statement, make an apology publicly to accuser, the RMB such as compensatory accuser pecuniary loss more than yuan 200.
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