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Always Le Yuan manager takes bribes 920 thousand obtain punishment 6 years
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Because be in business of purchase and sale,take bribes 925 thousand yuan, always happy (China) electric equipment sells Qin Zhuo of manager of category of original number of branch of limited company Shanghai first instance obtained punishment 6 years a few days ago.

   "Buy " the car does not give money

In July 2003, when Qin Zhuo of graduate of Hunan book college, apply for always happy (China) limited company of electric equipment sale works. Came in Feburary 2006 in August, during Qin Zhuo is holding the position of manager of category of number of branch of this company Shanghai, in the economic come-and-go with product of number of purchase and sale of agency Ni Mou, the bribery that receives Ni Mou for many times adds up to 505 thousand yuan.

In November 2006, qin Zhuo agrees with Ni Mou, convert into money of a car 180 thousand yuan transfer Qin Zhuo, dan Qinzhuo needs to pay 70 thousand yuan only, 110 thousand yuan of of the others bribery moneys that promise Qin Zhuo with Ni Mou are touched buckle. But till when case hair, have not of eminent of the Qin Dynasty pays car section to give Ni Mou.

Came in April 2006 during August 2006, qin Zhuo still uses a post, be in with Shanghai in the economic come-and-go of product of number of purchase and sale of company of an electric equipment, the sales commission that receives Shao Mou of this company director to give for many times 310 thousand yuan.

   Confess partial guilt actively

On April 5, 2007, qin Zhuo receives an unit to lead announcement hind to arrive automatically case, explained oneself to receive the guilty fact that Ni Mou boodles to public security mechanism according to the facts. During investigate, qin Zhuo explained what public security mechanism has not master actively to receive the guilty fact that Shao Mou boodles again.

Division people court is collected south first instance thought a few days ago, qin Zhuo uses functionary advantage to receive other property to add up to valuation to be worth 925 thousand yuan, for other seek interest, already made bribery crime of blame state staff member. Have in view of Qin Zhuo confess one's crime case, retreat capture 500 thousand yuan crime earning, OK and light punishment.

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