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Why do 1% property right obtain bring a case to court to contend for a building?
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Marriage house was bought jointly during love, the building was caused to who should put in 's charge however when parting company all dispute. Recently, district court is collected to make first instance adjudicate to sharing belongings dispute record together south, although gentleman of cognizance man king takes marriage room the authority card portion of 1% , but reach both sides to wait for a circumstance to the contributive forehead of the building according to fair principle, affirmatory building puts in Mr Wang 's charge all, the room is borrowed be in charge of remanding by its; By Miss Sun, Ms. Zhang card of right of assistance general building is dealt with in Mr Wang under one's name; Pay Miss Sun building and outfit to repair countervail money by Mr Wang 150 thousand yuan, remand Ms. Zhang borrow or lend money 20 thousand yuan.

The lover parts company cause dispute

Mr Wang and love of Miss Sun former department concern, ms. Zhang fastens the mother of Miss Sun. In November 2006, to marry, mr Wang bought one flatlet house jointly with Miss Sun, house price is 550 thousand yuan. In disbursement house money, 50 thousand yuan of deposit pay by Miss Sun, 110 thousand yuan by Mr Wang to others borrow or lend money, 350 thousand yuan borrow money to the bank by Mr Wang, more than 40 thousand yuan are assumed jointly by two people, dealt with two people to share the authority evidence of this room. Second year January, mr Wang to Ms. Zhang borrow or lend money 120 thousand yuan, remanded early days buys room loan 100 thousand yuan. After the building is decorated, mr Wang is entered jointly with Miss Sun, Ms. Zhang. Before long, both sides happening is contradictory, the woman moves a building outer live.

May 2007 the middle ten days of a month, bilateral and new become reconciled, miss Sun mother and daughter comes back to live again. Of the same age in July, mr Wang and Miss Sun mother and daughter sign contract of an estate business, agreement by Mr Wang building property right 1% make over Ms. Zhang, the property right of 98% makes over Miss Sun, but did not pay pair of price. Make this room property right is registered thereby in 3 people under one's name, among them Mr Wang enjoys the property right of 1% , miss Sun enjoys the property right of 98% , ms. Zhang enjoys the property right of 1% . In August, mr Wang turns with the bank Zhang form remands Ms. Zhang borrow or lend money 100 thousand yuan. Before long, because both sides produces contradiction again, miss Sun moves a building in succession with Ms. Zhang, bilateral love concerns at this point burst.

How to break up stick to one's argument

In front courtyard careful, mr Wang thinks, in July 2007, because Miss Sun mother and daughter puts forward to contend for the department reapportion of building property right to register, to show become reconciled good faith, sign estate business to close same share with the other side then, the agreement argues the department building property right by oneself 1% make over Ms. Zhang, contend for the department the building the property right of 98% makes over Miss Sun, but the other side did not pay pair of price. Although its have the property right of 1% only on card of room property right, but money of factual main rooms, decorate a paragraph to all fasten his to pay, loan also is remanded 100 thousand yuan by oneself. Reason sues requirement department to contend for a building to return oneself is all, handle the authority card of this room by Miss Sun and Ms. Zhang assistance in him under one's name.
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