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Legal bookshop leaves to visit a center into 2 quadrangle letter
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Yesterday, letter of court of the 2nd intermediate people visits town the service center is started formally, provide appeal and application to the citizen rehear and come the courtyard is reflective circumstance, urgent deal with receive visit, accept, examine, the whole journey that examines and approve put on record serves.

The letter that handles official bussiness formally yesterday external in 2 quadrangle visits a service center, wait paper law books and electronic law library were set to offer the person that call in to consult only in the hall, free offers field to invite bookshop of law of one domestic discipline exercised by the head of a feudal household to be first inside public activity area of the court open a service to nod.

2 quadrangle still set presiding judge daily spell system. Attend a letter to visit spell to recieve by the presiding judge that tries law court individually, deputy presiding judge, harmonious place believes delegate dean related buy visit matters concerned.

New letter visited a center to deploy 6 bailiff, 24 hours of responsible centers are safe. The letter visits reception room inside decorate very special also, all sofa, metope is soft " pack " , break out the happening of incident in order to be on guard.

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